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'Tis a sad weekend indeed. For you see, my neighbor is moving out. Now even though I've not mentioned him except for the occasionally gripe he has become quite the topic around the parts. Rarely a weekend goes by that his drunken antics fail to amuse. This is of course, as long as they don't directly affect me.

On his final days... let's take a look back at some of Matt's finer moments, shall we. Merely a week after I moved in, he moved in. I had yet to unpack. My bed was not assembled (because I didn't have a mattress). I was leaving for a 12 hour road trip to Louisville, Ky and Chicago, IL. It is on the night before I leave that he decide to have a house warming party that lasts into the wee hours of the morning. I was willing to let it go for a while. Thinking they had to tire themselves out eventually or pass out... But by 4am... I was not a happy camper.

This set the bar pretty high for what lengths he would go to when he would party. But, not willing to rest on his laurels for too long he soon found other ways to make his presence known. Races up and down the stairs. Drunken games of Catch with a softball from his balcony to the parking lot, over people's vehicles. And let's not forget the time he was pretty sure he could jump, nay... FLY from his balcony. But, in order to fly he needed to be undressed first... Tossing his clothes off the balcony to... apparently determine wind direction.

His antics were evident each morning after when we could find half-eaten grilled burgers, beer cans, and the occasional spray of vomit on the shared balcony.

But he wasn't without his sensitive moments, too. I'm pretty sure he thought Mark lives at my apartment and I'm the one who makes frequent stays. Mark has become his confidante. His guru. His confessor. Money is not Matt's God. After Matt's brother told him that flying would not be a good idea, he joined Mark for this heartfelt sentiment.

"Money is not my God," he slurs. Wise words, man. Wise words.

I can only hope that my next neighbor will be as entertaining if not a little quieter, at least in the early morning hours. Though, I'd trade a little lack of quiet for the absence of damp vomit. KTHX

You'll be missed, Matt. By the way, can I have your grill?

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Judge Strikes Down Iowa Gay Marriage Ban

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The Five Love Languages
My primary love language is probably
Quality Time
with a secondary love language being
Physical Touch.

Complete set of results
Quality Time: 10
Physical Touch: 8
Words of Affirmation: 8
Acts of Service: 4
Receiving Gifts: 0

Unhappiness in relationships, according to Dr. Gary Chapman, is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. Sometimes we don't understand our partner's requirements, or even our own. We all have a "love tank" that needs to be filled in order for us to express love to others, but there are different means by which our tank can be filled, and there are different ways that we can express love to others.

Take the quiz

Klein Sexual Orientation Grid
I scored an average of 4.38

01 2 3 4 5


This result can also be related to the Kinsey Scale:

0 = exclusively heterosexual
1 = predominantly heterosexual, incidentally homosexual
2 = predominantly heterosexual, but more
than incidentally homosexual
3 = equally heterosexual and homosexual
4 = predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally
5 = predominantly homosexual, incidentally heterosexual
6 = exclusively homosexual

The idea of this excercise is to understand exactly how dynamic a person's sexual orientation can be, as well as how fluid it can be over a person's lifespan. While a person's number of actual homo/heterosexual encounters may be easy to categorize, their actual orientation may be completely different. Simple labels like "homosexual", "heterosexual", and "bisexual" need not be the only three options available to us.

Take the quiz
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I'm not really sure the French know what they are talking about. Que sara sara this... C'est la vie that... Overall I'm pretty laid back, but I don't see how you can easily say whatever will be will be. If you have the ability to change something or to make a difference in the outcome of something why not do it?

Sure you could think of this as a more global concept. But honestly... that rarely happens. I tried recycling.

I'm talking in just day to day matters. I've had several people just tell me "que sara sara" in response to things I've said. I don't get that. Well, more correctly, I don't accept that. It seems like I'm just letting go of whatever hand I have in guiding my own outcome. Just letting fate take it's course. I don't think everything is so predestined like that. I think we can change how things are if we want to.

That's the key... if we 'want' to.

What don't you want to change?


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So... FINALLY... I watched Transformers. You would've thought I had some sort of personal embargo against Optimus Prime or something. Yet, a month and a half later I finally see it. How could I not? It received glowing reviews from my friends. One of which included a voice mail containing three words (or one depending on your pronunciation) repeated over and over again. "OhmigodOhmigodOhmigod!!! OHMIGOD!! OhmigodOhmigod..." *click*

Mark & I went to our local Googleplex 5000 during the afternoon (which is now my official favorite time to see a movie). We got there decently early, but I figured that a month after it was out, there wouldn't be a crowd. I was right. We were the only people there. It wasn't until the last five minutes before the preview that we were suddenly surrounded by children. Which is fine. Unless you count the one kid behind us who found that armrests moved and made a really cool echo-y sound. Seriously?

Highlight the rest if you want more details and possibly spoilers.

Shia LaBeouf, as Sam, was good. He was dorky and fun. I had it worked into my head that I wasn't going to like him. I don't know why. I even unfairly misjudged Megan Fox, as Mikaela. I think part of it was that they both seemed too teen-movie for what I was hoping to be a rock 'em sock 'em robot fight. I was worried it'd be too little kiddish. This was not the case.

For a movie that was over two hours, there was really only one time in the beginning that I wanted the movie to pick up the pace a bit. This I can easily attribute to wanting to see cars transform into robots. Is that too much to ask?

When the action starts, it really is quite epic. The fight scenes between Autobots and Decipticons is believable in the fact that it was pretty easy for me to give in to the movie. Alien robots aside, you believe the action is really taking place. The computer graphics and special effects are quite believable and rarely, if ever, look hokey. My only criticism of the action sequences is that there are times you'd love to see the whole scene rather than such close-up shots. This isn't hardly a bad thing, because I think that is why I was so IN to the movie was because of the close-camera angle.

The movie draws you in. I was gripping my seat during several parts of the film. Several times I found myself oblivious to what was going on around me. It was only things like the kid I previously mentioned, or the fella sitting next to us who actually answered a phone call during the movie (?!?!) that would snap me back to reality. As Mark pointed out, at least he had his phone silenced... but still. Dude! You're in a movie theater. Did you not listen to what Forest Whitaker said before the feature presentation?!

A couple loose ends... Whatever happened to the second string characters? (Jon Voight, John Turturro, Rachael Taylor, and Anthony Anderson) They were fighting Frenzy deep inside Hoover Dam and then...? Did I blink and miss something? Was that all they were supposed to do?

It was awesome that they used the same guy for Prime's voice. It's instantly recognizable. What surprised me was that Hugo Weaving was Megatron. Until Mike mentioned it to me, I had no idea. I'd be curious to go back and see if I could pick out his voice now that I know it's him.

Sadly, there is an Autobot that dies. Really, while it's sad... I had a hard time really feeling much about it tho. Jazz wasn't really in it a whole lot so I didn't feel like I had any attachment to his character to feel.

I want an air freshener that says Bee-otch! That was very cool!

Have I nerd-gasmed enough yet? What more do you want from me? It rocked my socks off. I will be owning this movie.

Action: A
Plot: A-
Rewatchability: A+
Better Than: Go-Bots
Not As Good As: Owning your own transforming alien robot.


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Ok movie-lovers! Here's something I thought we could do.


It's like Fantasy Football, but with movies!! It's free. It's really simple. You have $100 budget to buy movies for your theater. Based on the movie's actually earnings in actual theaters you score points. You can add or drop movies as the season goes on. The next round begins Sept 7th, but you can still join even if it's later. It doesn't require any more maintainence than you feel like putting into it once you've chosen your movies.

Come on! Sign up and lets see who can pick the best movies!!

-Sign up.
-Name your studio.
-Click "Join A League".
-Join Movies Buffs

If you read this blog, you're welcome to join in!
The League Name is Movie Buffs.
The password is moviebuffs.

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Feeling blue on a Monday morning?

How about some KITTIES!!!

This also means that I can't have a cat because this blog would officially become a crazy cat owner blog. Which I cannot abide.

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The crazy started early today with this...

"You wouldn't think that The Curly Shuffle would hold up today on the radio, but it really does!"

Hey Mo! Hey Mo!


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Aaaand I'm sold. Sign me up for one of these kind of cats.


As opposed to a cat that's into shrimping.

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I meant to blog this a while ago, but I was just thinning about it again.

Mark & I had a bad string of luck when it comes to restaurants. It just wasn't our week.

We started out at Red Robin one night. It was late dinner hour so the rush was fading. We were seated promptly and had drinks decently quick. After that.. it was like no man's land for our server. In the 10-15 minutes that we waited for him to come around again we'd already decided on an appetizer and our meal. Now this is a big deal. By his own admission Mark is not a quick decider. So for us to already know what we want... Quick! Get the server here before we change our minds!

In the meantime our server was flirting/clearing up a table of 15 college-aged girls. Finally he came by and took our order. A runner brought out our appetizer. Another runner brought out our food (almost too soon). Our server did a 'drive-by' and mumbled something about refills. But that never happened. He's getting shots for half the table of Debbie's.

When the check arrived, finally... I paid him promptly rather than wait even more for him to come back for it. He was tipped 'appropriately' as well as a comment card filled out on his behalf.

It's unfortunate because even tho we've had good (if not somewhat smothering) service in the past. It's typically the most recent visit you remember first.

The luck continued when we ended up at Old Chicago later in the weekend. After a couple of other dining options were shot down (not open yet, not in the mood, etc.) we showed up at OC about 10 minutes after they opened. We were one of three tables. Our waitress was very prompt about drinks and taking our order. It was there after that she got a large table and we never saw her again. We had to ask the hostess for our check. Again... she was tipped appropriately. This server was at least apologetic about her neglect, but it was really more like an excuse... "I had a big table." You also had two people helping you with that table. And we were your only other table...

I get that being a server is rough at time. I couldn't do it, because I'd end up telling someone off. So I appreciate when a server does a good job. Hell, I appreciate when a server does a mediocre job. What I don't get is why it takes 5 people to take care of a table and the service can still be lousy.

I can see the 'logic' of having someone runs the food out to you, thus freeing up the server to handle other tables. I can understand someone coming around and filling drinks. Most restaurants seem to do this. But when you've got multiple people, wouldn't the server technically be 'in charge' of the table. If he or she notes you need refills... send the refill person around. Come by and check to see how the food is or if we need something. I'd rather be smothered by our server than ignored or forgotten about.

So in the end, when the check arrives, who are you tipping? Say Refill Guy was attentive, but the server was incompetent. Someone else brought out your food and got you ranch on the side, but the server barely acknowledged you. It seems unfair that the server would end up getting a tip for something that basically amounts to taking your order and bringing the check.

If you're going to have that many people waiting on one table... wouldn't it be just as viable of an option to have those runners and refillers trained as servers who do more per table, but then are earning their tip more as well?

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Lloyd posted a video of a song by Travis that I love. Travis is my new Oasis (except with less inter-band sibling fighting).

Their songs have always been rather peaceful and tranquil for me. Melodramatic in their own dreamy way. This video reminds me of when I used to work overnight. On my nights off I'd still be awake and it was a good time to go grocery shopping. I'd meander up and down the aisle. Take my time. Develope interesting stories about my fellow midnight shopping denizens and workers.

The music played in stores is very purposeful. Upbeat music for the rush hour. Lite music for the afternoons. Overnights seemed to be a mix of classic rock and adult alternative. I can easily see Travis being played during this time.

I'd be lying to say I didn't envision a musical number breaking out amongst store employees when the place was virtually empty. I'm sure I warded off quite a few people unintentionally by singing some little diddy as I made my way down the cereal aisle. This song makes me happy. It's good for a rainy day like today. Or maybe, considering the weather, this other song from Travis would be better suited.

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Ok... so after much debate...

Are khakis a color or a type or pants?
Are camoflage considered khaki? Why or why not?
Denim jeans... Darker is better?

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Fergie + Bowling For Soup = 8 kinds of fun!


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Things I don't need to hear said in the hallway #11:

"I wish my soap smelled that good this long after I used it."

Perhaps, they've wandered astray from a commerical.
At least she used it..?

Things I don't need to hear said in the hallway #12:

"How's your day going?"
"As long as I have my genitals intact, I'm good."



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I've come to realize something about my personality. I am a bit of a bulldog. Now like I've said before... admitting isn't excusing. I'm just making public notation of it.

Anyway... Let me define these a bit more. I've always said I'm a bit scrappy. You might count me out or not think I am capable, but I usually find a way to pull through. I noticed this when I was down and out and really needed a way to pick myself back up. In the beginning a lot of it was self-talk. I think most people do this. They pull themselves up by their bootstraps and suck it up when things get difficult. I would stand up for what I thought was right. I would speak my mind more. I wouldn't be as introverted.

The extreme end of this is being bulldoggish. Refusing to let something go. Saying what's on my mind when I probably should hold my tongue. Going from extroverted to overbearing. It happens.

What I'm learning (eventually) is that I need to temper it. Pick my battles. What's worth fighting for. What's worth letting time heal on it's own. This takes patience... which I have.


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Being poor you have to come up with inventive solutions to entertain yourself. Bullet-form because that's how I roll.

-I'm cooking a lot more. Which is good anyway, because I like to cook.
-Youtube has EVERYTHING!
-The animal shelter makes a cheap zoo. Plus you can pet more animals.
-Did you know that there is a karaoke channel?!
-Walking around the mall is good exercise and a good way to decide what you want when you DO have money.
-Sleep... Mmm... Sleep...


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This is the point in the day where I think just when things couldn't get weirder...


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I hate feeling like there is nothing I can do to change a situation. Now I know that it can be said that there are always things that I can do to change a situation. I'm not doubting this. I'm just not able to see them right now with all the frustration that is swirling about.

It could be said that this is a 'control' issue thing. To a certain extent yes. I don't like feeling out of control of my own life. Who does?

I didn't get the job that I thought I would be a sure bet on. This is both depressing and a relief. More so one than the other. I would've had to take a MAJOR pay cut for at least the first year and even after that year I'd be skrimping to get by. Not good... BUT it's a 'relief', because I don't have to fret over taking that job and not making enough money and how I'd supplement my income.

Most of the jobs I've applied for have had such irregular hours that it would make getting a part time job difficult. I'm investigating other avenues.

And I'm thinking about going back and get my Masters? With what money? Or if I have two jobs... with what time?

My Grandfather was accepted into a local Vet's Home. This doesn't mean he's in. It just means his application went through and when a spot opens up if my Grandmother is willing to put him in the Vet's Home, she can. I'm truly shocked by all of this... Until you have to do it (or know someone who does) you are never really prepared for the insane cost of what it takes to put a loved one in a home. It's insane. What bothers me about all this is, as we've been gathering information about the process and care and cost the amount keeps getting higher and higher. They start out by telling you one estimated guess of a price. But as you get closer to making a decision, then boom! Then you realize that they'd literally have to sell everything and turn over all incoming in order to pay for it. Then once they've sapped you dry then they will evaluate if you can get financial assistance. Fuck that.

For all my introverted ways, I am a social being. I couldn't survive without people in my life. I've wondered if sometimes I need my friends more than they need me. That sounds worse than I mean it. But really... my friends are my family. Those people in my life that I am close to that I care about are the brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and cousins that my genetic-family was lacking. So it tears me up when something threatens those bonds that I have with my family of friends.

So let's see what is actually in my control?

-Keep applying for jobs.
-Hope that I get one that pays decent.
-Hope that my grandparents figure out a way to make everything work.
-Hope I don't lose a friend.

That's a lot more 'hoping' that I like to rely on.


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If you try the handle to the single occupancy restroom and you are unable to open the door because it appears locked... do not keep trying to open the door. It most likely... is. locked. You can knock if you really feel you must. It's not like there aren't six other restrooms within 20 paces in any direction. (25 paces if you have short legs or are keeping them close together in some form of Pee Pee Shuffle.)

If there was enough space between the bottom of the door and the floor I don't doubt you would've tried to peek in. Perhaps slip in a note? Maybe you were trying to act like my cousin who locked himself in the bathroom at age three. He was stuck in there with his Fischer Price chain saw. He tried sawing his way out. But all we could see was the 'blade' of the chainsaw poking from underneath the door every so often.

Maybe you thought I was in distress. Even after I said, "occupied." I meant the restroom was occupied, not me in particular. I don't select the bathroom as a place to read, smoke, or eat lunch, as some other people in the department are prone to do. Trust me when I say I'll be finished and out of your way as soon as possible.

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Are you gay enough for Canada, eh?

Gay Nicaraguan man goes into hiding after refugee bid denied

[Put Canadian Mountie joke here]

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I didn't realize that I'd seen so many movies lately until I started writing this.

I'll make these brief since there are so many of them.

I've taken the liberty of 'hiding' the reviews in case it's a movie you've not seen. Highlight the section to read it.

The Hills Have Eyes 2 (Unrated)
--->I'm not quite sure what was unrated about this movie? There were some rather graphic scenes that weren't really vital to the plot. I think think an R or NC-17 rating would be fine. See? I just rated it. How hard was that? I've not seen the first movie or the original movie that these were based on. I don't think that you really need to, in this case. As far as thrillers go it was ok. I've seen scarier movies. To me it just seems like unrated is simple a buzzword marketing uses to get people to pick their movie. With a lot of these type of movies, you come for the chills and not the plot. The ending comes to abruptly without much epilogue.<---

Gore: B-
Acting: C
Rewatchability: C
Better Than: Leprechaun
Not As Good As: The Descent

The Simpsons: The Movie
--->There has been a lot of anticipation for this movie. After almost twenty years on television it has finally arrived. I enjoyed this episode.... er I mean movie. This certainly wouldn't have been on television. All the cussing, drug use, and sexuality that is implied on TV can feel free to run amok on the big screen. And it does in hilarious ways.

Ralph Wiggum has one of my favorite lines. I won't say what the line is, because really... it's one of the few he has. This is my only real issue with the movie. Part of what makes The Simpsons great is the wacky B-Team of characters. In an hour and a half movie, you think you could squeeze a few more of them in there, rather than making them just one face in a large crowd.

Spider-Pig has been commercialed to death, if you ask some people. Somehow I managed to escape a lot of those commercials. So these scene with Homer and his pig was hilarious to me.

The animation was different. Not bad different, but like Futurama different. It had a more polished look to it that seemed computer generated. I don't think it detracted from the movie, but it was noticeable.

Make With The Funny: B
Animation: B
Rewatchability: B-
Better Than: The Family Guy Movie (which only made it to video)
Not As Good As: Bringing back Futurama NOW!

The Promise
--->This was a foreign film released a couple years ago that I meant to see at the time, but life got in the way. The story is about a young girl who is visited by a goddess who offers her fortune and power at the cost of never really being able to have love. If she ever does fall in love, she will lose that person. Unless tears run up stream and blah blah blah prophecy blah blah... It plays out very much like a fairytale or fable. Very dreamy and ethereal.

There is a point in most movies that you can predict what is going to happen. The longer that point can hold out til closer to the end of the movie, the better the movie may be. You presume that this movie is going to have a fairy tale-ending based on how the story is told. But don't be so sure. That's what I love about foreign films. Then don't follow your typical plot that we are accustomed to.

It's a beautiful movie. A lot of symbolism. A lot of bold color.

There was a decent amount of wire-fu martial arts, but not enough for my tastes. But what there was was impressive

Martial Arts: C+
Plot: B
Rewatchability: C-
Better Than: Rush Hour 2 (and probably 3)
Not As Good As: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Music & Lyrics
--->I love me some Drew Barrymore. So I'm biased. It is hard to find a movie that I won't enjoy her quirky and endearing behavior. Hugh Grant I could could take or leave. But he is good too. Mark and I debated the age difference between the two of them. Which isn't as much as you'd think, but still... C'mon Drew... You could find someone your own age.

Sophie (Barrymore) plays the hypochondriacal plant caretaker who stumbles in to Alex's (Grant) career as he tried to make a comeback writing a song for a Shakira wanna-be. Realizing that she is a pop lyric savant Alex enlists her to help him write a song in a matter of days for teen singing 'zen'-sation Cora Corman.

Kristen Johnson steals a few scenes as a fan of Alex's 80s singing career. She plays the part of the goofily obsessed fan adorkably well.

It's a very cute date movie that had Mark and I tapping along to most of the music in the movie. I need to find the soundtrack to this. Being a fan of the 80s music... this is one that will be in heavy rotation for a while.

I love the Pop-up Video during the credits of the movie. Totally Awesome!

Cuteness: A-
Acting: B+
Buy-ability: B+
Better Than: Never Been Kissed
Not As Good As: The Wedding Singer

My God... more movies?!

The Bourne Ultimatum
--->Finally we get to see the end to this trilogy. Does Jason Bourne figure out who he really is? Does he extract revenge on those that made him the killer he's become? Does Joan Allen punch Julia Stiles in the neck for foolishly thinking she can out emote her? Silly Julia...

I was just saying the other day that I would love to read these books. I'm curious to see what was left out.

The action starts right away. You don't have to wait very long before you are given the viewpoint of running right along with Bourne through the streets of various exotic locales. And I do mean literally running... The second Bourne film was a new level of seasickness for me. I hoped this movie wouldn't be the same, but I was prepared.

There is a good 20 minutes at the beginning of this movie that could be cut out to make it shorter. I get why movies will recap their own prequels before starting in to the main story. Yet, I also feel that a movie should be able to stand on it's own.

A couple of the characters became muddled in my mind, but it might have been due to the intentionally shaky camera work and a slight hangover. But in the end I know what happened.

While I was rooting for Bourne, I was also rooting for Pamela Landy (Allen). She had her own view of how things should play out and even though she is hunting down Bourne as well, you want her to succeed.

This series would make a good box set for the action lover.

Action: A
Plot Conciseness: B
Intrigue: B
Camera Shakier Than: Parkinson's
Not As Shaky As: Bourne Supremacy

Last one I swear!!!

Curse Of The Golden Flower
--->This movie was not what I was expecting at all. This isn't a bad thing. It just means I was expect more martial arts, as is prone to these period pieces.

Curse is the story of an Emperor's family and the betrayal and revenge that surrounds him. There is a LOT going on in this movie. Let's see if I can explain without giving too much away.

The Emperor fathered a son, Wan, with Jiang. Jiang was branded and sent away. Jiang marries the Emperor's Physician and has a daughter, Chan. The Emperor remarries and has two more sons with the Empress, Jai and Yu. The Empress has been lusting after Wan for a few years now. Wan has been having relations with Chan (who is his sister) for a while now. Jai wants to be the next Emperor and is jealous of his older brother's power by heredity. The Emperor is poisoning the Empress. The Empress is assembling an army to overthrow her husband. Jiang wants revenge on the Emperor. And poor little Yu feels invisible during all this nonsense. Seriously... It's like a soap opera!

This is definitely more story driven than just a vehicle for some kick ass marital arts. Which is fine by me... I just was thinking there'd be more high kicks and sword swinging.

Web Of Intrigue: A-
Martial Arts: B- (for what of it there was)
Chow Yun Fat's Hair and Goatee of Evil: A+
Better Than: Musa
Not As Good As: Hero
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I... don't know...


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If you're familiar with Kelly's "Shoes" music video, then this will make sense.

*you might want headphones if you don't want coworkers or kids to hear cussing


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It's the 12-year old in me that can't help but laugh at a doctor named Dong Wang.

"Dooong! Where is Grandpa's automobile?"


I posted this @ 8/10/2007 08:11:00 AM.............Need a link?..........


I'd rather not post multiple videos in a row if I can help it, but how can I not start a Friday off with a martial arts chainsaw fight?

*thanks Mike


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Two examples of why I probably shouldn't have a cat.

I'd always be sticking cameras in their faces waiting for them to do something cute.

I'd buy something like this.

I'm pretty sure the first chance my cat had he'd take a swipe at my jugular.

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I am being upfront when I say that this is totally a PMS post (Poor Me Syndrome). So keep that in mind.

I just got back from a job interview. I think it went well. It seems rare lately that I feel like I'm not just pulling the answers out of my ass. Apparently I went to college with woman doing the interview. Hopefully that puts a couple bonus points in my column.

I'm just sick and tired of the race. I'm tired of feeling like I'm 2nd place to anyone else when it comes to a job, money, etc... Call it jealousy or whatever you want. Sometimes I feel like I've made the wrong choices for my life and I would lose too much to try and take another road.

I'm envious of people that are younger than me, smarter than me, luckier than me, who are making more money and have a better job. Silly me for following my heart and wanting to make a difference in the world or in someone's life. Appreciation to Money conversion isn't worth shit when you've got bills to pay.

I know people younger who make twice as much as me. It makes my stomach turn. Why did I have to pick psychology? I know people who speak two languages fluently and have jobs literally handed to them because of the demand for bilinguality. I'd love to punch the career adviser it the neck who said that psychology was going to be a needed career in the coming years. Way to flood the market, jackhole!

I'm in a vicious circle at the moment. A better paying job takes a Masters degree. A Masters degree takes money. Money comes from a better paying job.

I know there are ways through this. I'm not saying this in some desperate cry to a world that I am oblivious too. I know what can be done, but that doesn't change my current feelings.

I understand part of how I'm feeling is because I'm comparing myself to other people. It's apples and oranges, as they say. Logically I get it. I get that just because my choices were different doesn't make them wrong. But dammit it sure feels like it.

In a couple days I'll shake this off. I'll realize what I do have and look to the future of the potential that is out there. In the meantime, there will be stewing and some tantrum-throwing.

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An interesting comment or two made by Elizabeth Hasselbeck, from The View.

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I'm nuerotic in my own little way. I typically think about what would happen if a bridge was to collapse while I was driving on it. It doesn't preoccupy my thoughts. But I'd be lying if I didn't say I thought about that what-if every now and then while driving.

So when things like what happened in Minneapolis occur... it really ramps up my nueroses for a while.

My condolences to this tragic situation.

And also my admonishments to such news sources like MSNBC who ask for first hand photos and videos that people might have captured of the accident. I understand the idea that you want to have a scoop. To present something that no one else has. But to ask the public to "send [us] your photos, video of disaster." My God... have a soul.


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Mark and I watched finished watching The Comeback last weekend. It was an HBO series starring Lisa Kudrow. Mark's friend got him hooked on it and we had to finish the series. It's a great show. There is a lot of the same awkward comedy that you might find in The Office. Having watched it all now I think the show is brilliant in capturing the D-List celebrity desire to get their face out there.

I was worried at first about being able to see Lisa Kudrow as anyone else, but Phoebe. It takes a couple episodes to break that idea.

Kudrow's character, Valerie Cherish has a break-out hit sitcom many years ago and now she has been cast as the condo-owning landlord, Aunt Sassy, to her niece and roommates. There is an obvious gap between the younger, prettier actors and Valerie in the faux-show Room & Bored. It isn't personal... not really. It is a generational thing. Which just adds to the awkwardness. Valerie tries to be hip and cool, but ends up looking sad and pathetic. As a result of being cast on the show (having beaten out Marilu Henner and Kim Fields) she now has to have her life filmed as part of a 'documentary style' reality show called The Comeback.

I definitely find myself rooting for Valerie to have a modicum of success for something in her own right. Some triumph that doesn't come from the either show that she is filming.

This show reminded of something I read. In the 9th (maybe 10th) grade we had to read Death Of A Salesman. We all know the story... Willy Loman's character always struck me as the sad... pitiable really... type of person who just doesn't seem to get it. Or if he does 'get it', he is deluding himself that he could have any amount of success that he once had. The same for Valerie Cherish. She is the Willy Loman.

Success is fleeting. What you have won't last for long, especially in business. Hollywood is big business! Few ever make it back into the spotlight after having been pushed out.

Reading Death Of A Salesman was painful for me. To try so hard to be known... to be successful... to make something of yourself... and fail. To not quite get that they are laughing at you, not with you. How easy is it to delude yourself that people like you when really... they are using you and laughing behind your back?

This is part of the same reason that it's painful to watch American Idol in the early part of the season. Some people are so bad. I won't go into it too much because I've bitched about it before. Yet, some people are soooo bad... how can they have made it on tv without someone telling them that people aren't laughing with them. The applause isn't sincere. Are they just a bunch of Willy Loman's and Valerie Cherish's running around?

Getting back to The Comeback... I wished it would've gone on longer. Mainly because how they left it really wasn't satisfying for me. I was still rooting for her. I want her to really make it big. Correction... I wanted her to find some sort of realization that she doesn't need the fame.

If you get a chance to rent the series... do! Especially if you love Lisa Kudrow.

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Finally, 759 pages later I know how the Harry Potter series ends.

I'll put my thoughts on in the comments.


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So perhaps I've mentioned before that I can't bake. Even given the fact that I did create a Jell-O cake... I still profess to not be able to bake.

Exhibit A:

I wanted something sweet and figured cake was good. It'd give Mark and I something to have for dessert. Cake mix was procured.

I add the eggs. I add the oil. I start mixing away. I notice that the batter is like frosting, but stickier. It's glue like.

I should point out that the bowl I was using was WAY to small to mix in. But it was the biggest one that was clean. But it ws NOT going to do. So I washed a larger bowl and transferred the mix to it.

Well I didn't know any better. Maybe this is what Super Moist looks like going into the pan. The batter was not spreading out. There was no way this was going to fill up a cake pan and actually produce cake.

Looking at the box, this is when I realize I forgot to add water. The simplest ingredient and I overlook it. So I here I am questioning... could I just add the water to the pan and mix it in the pan itself. I should add here, that I have one of those silicone baking pans. So while it rocks for heat distribution and clean-up it is horrible on the stability side of things when moving non-solidified masses.

I decided to move the unbaked mess back to the bowl, added water, and remix things. It took a while for the glob to take the water and break down into a more liquid state. Once it did, then back to the pan and on with the baking and eventual frosting.

Besides it being a more precise science, culinarily speaking, I am often oblivious to obvious directions like "add 1 3/4 cups water". This is why I don't bake.

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August is always a 'down' month for me. Basically because there are no holidays or birthday parties to celebrate. How did August get such a bum deal?

Don't take that as a complaint. Just an observation.

Whereas September is all kind of activity. When I was younger I associated September with the beginning of school, Labor Day, and a metric poopload of birthdays. So there was always something going on.

Seriously... Looking at the yearly distribution of birthdays I know more people born in September than any other month. And most of these people I've known for a majority of their life. Both my siblings have birthdays in September. Three friends, who I won't name in case they are trying to fly under the radar. Plus a dating anniversary.

Even tho Mike has seemed to be the older (read: more responsible one) I am the older one by eleven days. And yet for the last few years Mike has been the wrong age for years. I wonder if it's schtick sometimes. How can you forget your age?

With 32 coming to a close I must say that I've liked 32. Hell, I've liked my thirties. What's the big deal about anyway? While I may not have the best job that I could have, I feel that I am a pretty good place overall. I finally feel comfortable in my skin. I feel like I know what I need to do. It's now just a matter of being able to afford to do it.

Anyone wanna spot me some cash?

Sidenote: My WoW character is broke too. Is this what they mean about art reflecting life reflecting art? :P
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