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We married off the "perpetual bachelor" on Saturday. I heard that phrase a few times during the course of the evening. He has the privilege to be one of the last from my high school group of friends to pair off.

Del has known his new wife, Kim, off and on for a long time. Even though they went to the same school, different years and different classes didn't allow for them to mingle much.

Looking at the wedding program I was reminded of stories I'd forgotten. Kim worked with another friend of ours, Charity. Del had asked Kim to Prom, but she was very shy at the time and decided not to go. Both active in their church they would see each other frequently. After high school Del moved to Omaha and Kim moved to another state to go to college.

Del was still living in Omaha, when Kim moved to town to attend graduate school. She ran into Del's sister, Sherry, at a local gym. The made plans to get together later and catch-up on lost time. Del shared a duplex with his sister, so when Kim got together with Sherry, Del was there.

As time went on they began to date and finally engaged in December of 2004.

On September 24, 2005 Del & Kim started their life as husband and wife.

The night was special for everyone. It was a chance to catch up with one another. I consider myself very lucky to still be friends with so many people from my high school years. The memories came back to us as easy as ever. No matter how long it's been since we've seen each other, we can always pick up where we left off, quickly catch up, and be off and running again. You know how I enjoy hanging out with Angie and Charity, in particular. They always makes me laugh like a dork.

We reminisced about old times. Risking our lives for cheap road thrills. Losing hubcaps. "Borrowing" stop signs. Showing off photos of kids. New stories of new jobs. New stories of new loves. Listening to the wedding DJ play every 70s and 80s soundtrack every created. Laughing at ourselves because we know all the words all too well. A dance is shared to the tunes we've danced to so many times before.

Somehow there is always congo line... and somehow I'm always in it.

The night ends as it always does. Pictures. Hugging. Laughing on the way out the door to our respective cars. Promising to get together soon. Double checking phone numbers. Going home and uploading pictures, and reliving memories that are barely an hour old.
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  1. Crave:: Want
  2. Whole package:: Kit 'n' Kaboodle
  3. Roommates:: Roomies
  4. 5:30:: AM
  5. Lesbian:: Gay
  6. Poignant:: Powerful
  7. Hurtful:: Mean-spirited
  8. You and I:: Jason Mraz
  9. Grateful:: Thankful
  10. Giggle:: Laugh
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Here are some words that are fun that I don't use nearly enough in conversation.


That is all.
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SICK OF MYSELF (reprise)

So I am finally feeling better after my head case of a head cold last week. It was like a sinus infection and migraine all rolled into one. So much mucus. Actually that will be the title of my next book. So Much Mucus.

Now the only thing ailing me is a lingering cough. I was coughing so much last week that I wondered for a while if my cold hadn't settled in my lungs and I'd developed pneumonia. I've had it once before when I was very young, but I can remember feeling like hot shit. Ahh, memories... So, I don't have pneumonia. I would not be feeling better if I did. It's not like pneumonia is cured simple by a couple Cold-Eez and some Advil Cold & Sinus. Which you can only get behind the counter now. That stuff rocks! I don't get that fun medicine-head feeling from it, but it works like a charm. I guess for some people it works too well. It can be used to make meth apparently, so it is now off the shelves and you have to sign over your first born in order to get a box. Two boxes maximum.

My only problem was that neither the Advil or the Cold-Eez did much for my congestion. Some times I was coughing so hard that I could literally see stars. Not good. Severe coughing has always freaked me out a little bit because when my Grandfather first became ill with pneumonia, aggravated by smoking, he had weakened his heart and almost had a heart attack. Now, I know I'm comparing a 60 year old heart (at the time) to a 31 year old heart (me, now), but it's still something that I think about. Am I weakening my heart that eventually it might be a problem?

Hypochondriac? A little. Perhaps.

One thing that is for sure is that I coughed hard enough for a while that I bruised my right man boob. Not on the surface, but deep tissue. It's sore and tender to the touch. And I keep touching it! I give my self "manograms" every so often when I notice it hurts. I've been doing this enough that I'm not even conscious of coppin' a feel of myself anymore. I'll just be sitting at work and rubbing my hand underneath my pec feeling around for where it feels sore. Pushing on various areas trying to figure out exactly where it hurts.

Now I look sick in a totally different way.

So if you see me feeling myself up, I swear I'm not a pervert! I'm still just a little sick!
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I was really looking forward to the prime time Emmy's this year. Ellen Degeneres was hosting, and she is usually entertaining enough as a host to not make me want to drop anvils on my television.

I was also looking forward to the 'musical' numbers they were slated to have. It's almost embarrassing to explain why. Basically, they were having people who aren't singers singing beloved or well-known television theme songs. Donald Trump singing a duet of "Green Acres" with Karen Walker (from Will & Grace). William Shatner and an opera singing I can't recall 'singing' the theme of Star Trek (whose only words are spoken at the beginning).

Comedy gold? Actually it was less entertaining than I thought. I'm sure it was all a act as part of the show, because seriously... Donald Trump & Karen Walker beating out Macy Gray & Gary Dourdan singing "Movin' On Up" from The Jefferson's. THAT was good.

Overall, I was rather shocked at some of the people who won for their various shows. William Shatner as best supporting actor? Patricia Arquette for best lead actress? They are both from decent shows, but I don't think they were the ones who gave the strongest performances to win. I wanted Jenifer Garner to win just so I could see how pregnant she is. Sure I could pick up a tabloid for that, but... why give in like that?

I was glad that Desperate Housewives didn't sweep everything they were nominated for. Mainly because they are not a comedy. They have funny scenes as part of the soap-drama, but they are not a comedy. Yet, if I was ABC and I wanted to clean up as much as possible I wouldn't want to put my two highest rated newcomers up against each other. Let Lost take the drama and then DH can try for comedy. Oh well, so by shafting DH Everybody Loves Raymond had to win. I can live with that. It's a funny show and it's over. Give them one last hoorah.

The best moment was S. Epatha Merkerson winning for her role in Lackawanna Blues, admitted she lost her acceptance speech down her dress. "It's probably stuck to me." Classic. She truly seemed very appreciative and excited about winning.

I'm a HUGE fan of Lost so I was glad to see JJ Abrams win as the main creative force behind the show. Now if he'd only answer even just a couple of the burning questions he has created in the plot. What's in the hatch? Why do The Others want Walt?

Ok... Back to your regularly schedule programming.
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Happy Birthday to my best friend!!

He happens to share his birthday with International Talk Like A Pirate Day, which I'm sure is just a coincidence. Yet, evidence may lead people to believe otherwise.

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101 in 1001 #81

It's barely a week and here I am already complaining about not drinking any soda.

I was telling my co-workers about my goal and they wished me luck and warned me about withdrawals. I've known people that have stopped drinking soda and have had terrible caffeine withdrawal-related headaches. I can sympathize. My allergies give me headaches all the time. I'd deal with that. I'm not going for caffeine-free lifestyle so I still drink iced tea. That's not the issue.

It's not the syrupy, sugary, goodness of an ice cold beverage that I crave. It's the bubbles! Carbonation. Fizzy fizz. The feeling of taking a swig of a freshly opened Coca-Cola swishing it around and having it 'burn' my mouth like a powerful mouthwash. The bubbles tickling my throat as they coat the back of my palate and my neck. The feeling of a good burp from having chugged a soda too fast.

That's what I miss.

I almost drank some Alka Seltzer for a fix.
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UNDER THE SEA by Sebastian

After a meal of all-you-can-eat shrimp... I guess I was a little punchy.

...or bored
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  1. Less filling:: Tastes Great
  2. Glue:: Stick
  3. Surprise me:: Birthday
  4. Model:: Make &
  5. Fee:: Payment
  6. Microphone:: Stand
  7. Choices:: Soup or Salad
  8. To the bone:: Cuts
  9. Run!:: Spot. Run!
  10. Appeal:: Sex
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GASOLINE by Seether

I thought Gas Buddy was pretty handy. So I thought I'd pass it along.
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SICK OF MYSELF by Matthew Sweet

I hate being sick. I really do. I don't get sick a lot, but when I do I get SICK.

I have allergies. On any given day I can be sniffly because of any number of reasons. So I'm used to a certain amount of sneezing or watery eyes. Sunday I should've known something more was going on than run of the mill allergies. Looking back I can see the signs. Of course I can. It's all so crisp and clear.

It had been very windy all weekend, which typically doesn't bode well because of all the dust that will get kicked up anyway. Then just because of the time of year, there are tons of things that decide that my nasal passages were their sworn mortal enemies. Yet, something was different. My ears felt... I thought I could pull on my earlobe and release whatever pressure seemed to be inside my head. Which, if I could do that... that would be a riot.

I could be sitting calmly at a movie, pull on my ear, and... FWOOSH!!! There is a gust of air that actually blows the popcorn out of someone's hand.

Which reminds me... My head has been making noises that I'm not sure can be heard outside of my own head. I'm on the couch and I breathe out slightly. My nose gives a short whistle. I play it off. I'm hoping it was only audible to me.

This actually happens more often than not. I just never know what bodily noises others can hear. My stomach gurgling... My ears depressurizing... My nose whistling...

So I've been sick. For me sick is half my head deciding to drain. Eyes watering. Nose running. Then it would switch for no reason. The other half of my head would begin to drain as the once draining would run dry. My eyes get really sensitive to light. Almost any light. I'll keep the curtains closed and all the lights off. I'll watch TV with sun glasses on because even the TV light will me too much to handle. I get cold. Unnatually cold. I'll sit in a uncomfortably warm room with a blanket covering me up, including my head.

I'm sure I look nuts.
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D Batteries (I dunno why I like using that nickname. Sorry man... :-) ) tagged me. So I had to comply! Though, I don't know who to pass it on to. Six people I'd pass it on to have laready been hit by DB. So if you read this and haven't done it yet. Feel free to 'tag yourself' and go with it!


I'm supposed to list ten things that make me happy and then "charge six others with the same miserable burden."

1. Music Musis Music!!!
2. Cooking a new dish and having it turn out GREAT and tasty!
3. Puppies... (and even some kittens)
4. Being able to help someone in need.
5. Spending any kind of time with my friends.
6. The smell of the air after a good rainstorm and a freshly mown lawn.
7. Snuggling up under a blanket and watching the snow fall through a large window.
8. Seeing my little sister and brother grow up. (He's in a fraternity!!?!)
9. A good laugh. One that I can't control and makes me shake until I'm red and crying.
10. A sunny road trip with good company.
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101 in 1001 - #21 & #81

Well, I've started on a couple of my 101 goals on my list.

I started compiling a list of my 100 Favorite Songs. (#21) Making this list is actually harder than I thought it would be. I love music! So the thing is ONLY picking 100 songs. Then, do I want to rank them?! Or should I just list them and note any that stand out as ULTIMATE favorites? You can see my dilemma?

I finished off my last soda in the fridge. (#81) So the month begins today! I don't drink a lot of pop in the summer time or when it's particularly hot because it tastes too syrupy. So I drink iced tea or water instead. I drink a lot of that anyway. It shouldn't be too hard to transition away from soda. I'm sorta doing it for the healthy side. I don't really care for diet colas. So it really seems like an all or nothing idea. I'm at least going for a month. We'll see how I feel after that.
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  1. Related:: Alike
  2. Soothing:: Calming
  3. Flashback:: PTSD
  4. Turmoil:: Trauma
  5. Immense:: Immerse
  6. Guitar:: -zan
  7. Nonsense:: Silliness
  8. Blame:: Game
  9. Childlike:: Behavior
  10. Duff:: Hilary
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Thanks to everyone who left me best birthday wishes of various forms! I truly appreciate it. It's great having friends like you. :-)

It was a pretty mellow occasion. I didn't really feel like celebrating much this time around. Thirty-one just isn't a banner year as far as milestones go. Nothing wrong with being 31. Having a birthday in the middle of the week seems to make things difficult to make any arrangements for a party. If you have a birthday on a weekend or even a Monday or Friday you can pull something off. This year, it just seemed like having it fall during the mid-week made doing anything on the weekend like I was drawing things out too much. "Yes, we get it. You had another birthday... a week ago"


A couple people have asked if being 31 felt any different. I think I say this every year, but it really doesn't. I don't feel 31 now, and I didn't feel 30 earlier in the week. I don't really give a whole lot of thought to my age specifically. I mean, I take note that 30 is a milestone year as far as years go. Yet, there really isn't much that I can do this year that I couldn't do last year, or next year. So I'm not going to have a F*R*I*E*N*D*S moment where Rachel freaks out because she's not married or accomplished any of her goals by the time she turned thirty. You've seen my list of goals. Now, if I don't accomplish a good portion of those... Well, we'll cross the bridge when we come to it.

So until then!

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Ok. It's odd for me to watch country music television. Nothing against it, but it's not my first. Yet, this weekend I found myself channel surfing and stopping on a groovy little tune on CMT.

First it was a bluesy tune from a guy, Marc Broussard, with a voice that just blows me away. This is definitely a road trip song. The whole feel of the song is something that I can groove with, but the part that moves me the most is when it just the heavy drum / stomps and just the claps... just the claps... just the claps.

So the chances of me liking a song on CMT, that I don't find too twangy for my tastes is there, but small. The chances of liking two songs, back to back, is even smaller!

The next song was "Boondocks" by Little Big Town. Honestly, it's a little too perfect. I don't know what I'm saying. It's like it's such good four-part harmony that you just wonder if it's manufactured. "Boondocks" is a catchy tune that I found myself humming for the rest of the day.

Allow your ears to bask in some loverly musical glory.
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Open Letter To Labor Day Weekend:

You've changed man? What happened to you? You used to be cool. But now? Not so much.

Don't get me wrong. I still think you are great person and I enjoy hanging out with you. Yet, things are just not the same anymore.

When I was younger it was great to see you. A new school year would have just started. Then, no more than a week (two at the most) went by and... BAM! Vacation! It was a nice reminder than even though Fall was chasing Summer away, there was still some fight left in you. "Go out with a bang," you'd always say. One last hooray to let Summer know that you'd miss her while she was gone.

Yet now? You seem to have lost your luster. That twinkle in your eye. That spark of enthusiasm that showed Summer we still cared. Is it because I don't write as often as I should? Is it because I have a day job? Is it because I don't spend as much time looking forward to your wonderful 3-Day weekend, because now I have Floating Holiday Time that I can use whenever I feel I need a 3-Day weekend? Are you bitter about all the shopping malls and car dealerships hoarding people and activity in your name?

I know you've been fighting with Halloween a lot lately. He can't be content being the main holiday in his own month. He has to take over yours as well?! I can understand. I'd be upset if I were you. I think that general retail has a lot to do with that. You don't have any marketability. No catchy tunes. No mascots. You don't even have a color scheme! Whoever told Father Christmas that bright green and fire engine red look good together was lying. Have you spoken with a lifestyles consultant and had your colors done? It's kinda cool. I'm a Fall. Go figure. The two colors I hated the most as a kid ended up being two of my favorites. Red and Green? But not together! I'm not working at a John Deere Dealership or Scotch Tape.

But anyway... Where was I?

Oh yeah. So, I'm not really asking you to take up some extreme sport or go on one of those "reality" shows to boost your popularity. I don't want to see you whoring yourself out to Skating With The Stars. The last thing you want to do is show up to a party thinking your 'hip' and 'with-it' only to have everyone looking at you and talking behind your back about how inappropriate you look in those low-rise jeans, with Tara Reid clinging to your arm like holiday flab. "He's just trying to hard," they'll say. "Poor Labor Day... Trying to reclaim his glory days."

You don't have to try and be the cool, fun, exciting Labor Day I remember for when I was a kid. Just don't let yourself be pushed around be others. Take a stand! Grab the calendar by the cajones and remind us how much fun Summer was. Reassure us that we can still have fun with Fall, and that Summer will be back soon enough. She's just on world tour. You can catch her act in Australia and most places in the Southern Hemisphere.

Call me. We can get together for lunch now that your schedule has freed up.

P.S. - Ditch the blonde. You're too good for her.
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I'm a 30-something student of human nature. A music-lovin', groove-shakin', laugh-inducin', dish-cookin', gossip-slingin', type of guy. This is my diary of sorts...

100 Things
How Well Do You Know Me?


Olbermann: Gay marriage is a question of love
Gay ex-governor says he's too poor for alimony
-Barack’s Gay Balance
Calif. Supreme Court rejects gay marriage ban
-Where the Bears don't fear to tread
ABBA Melody


"The Day I Helped Kill A Baby" - Joe.My.God.
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