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SICK OF MYSELF by Matthew Sweet

I hate being sick. I really do. I don't get sick a lot, but when I do I get SICK.

I have allergies. On any given day I can be sniffly because of any number of reasons. So I'm used to a certain amount of sneezing or watery eyes. Sunday I should've known something more was going on than run of the mill allergies. Looking back I can see the signs. Of course I can. It's all so crisp and clear.

It had been very windy all weekend, which typically doesn't bode well because of all the dust that will get kicked up anyway. Then just because of the time of year, there are tons of things that decide that my nasal passages were their sworn mortal enemies. Yet, something was different. My ears felt... I thought I could pull on my earlobe and release whatever pressure seemed to be inside my head. Which, if I could do that... that would be a riot.

I could be sitting calmly at a movie, pull on my ear, and... FWOOSH!!! There is a gust of air that actually blows the popcorn out of someone's hand.

Which reminds me... My head has been making noises that I'm not sure can be heard outside of my own head. I'm on the couch and I breathe out slightly. My nose gives a short whistle. I play it off. I'm hoping it was only audible to me.

This actually happens more often than not. I just never know what bodily noises others can hear. My stomach gurgling... My ears depressurizing... My nose whistling...

So I've been sick. For me sick is half my head deciding to drain. Eyes watering. Nose running. Then it would switch for no reason. The other half of my head would begin to drain as the once draining would run dry. My eyes get really sensitive to light. Almost any light. I'll keep the curtains closed and all the lights off. I'll watch TV with sun glasses on because even the TV light will me too much to handle. I get cold. Unnatually cold. I'll sit in a uncomfortably warm room with a blanket covering me up, including my head.

I'm sure I look nuts.
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