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I've been talking about some songs that have meant a lot to me or that bring up vivid memories. Along the same lines I thought I'd share how I feel about music in general. I know I've mentioned this before, but I love music. I credit music (specifically high school band) to helping bring me out of my shell. I am always hearing new music that I will immediately love. Some songs I warm up to over time. Other songs I have complete disdain for the moment I hear the first few words. I am a self-proclaimed music snob. I like other music snobs. I can relate to them pretty easily. Even if we disagree on the music we are snobbish about. Music snobs of every possible kind, gather 'round!

I can think of two or three people that I've known that couldn't name their favorite song. If they were put on the spot, the only answer they would most likely come up with would be that they don't really have a favorite song. I'm somewhat surprised when I hear this from someone. How can you not have a favorite song? At least a song that you like for whatever goofy reason. Maybe you like jingles. Do you know what words came after "In the land of Dairy Queen..."? It may never be number one on any chart, but hey... it's a song at least. The song you danced to at your wedding? The song your high school class choose? Something!

Some of my best friends are the people that will start singing Total Eclipse of the Heart if they are asked to 'turn around." There is a special connection when a person will finish a lyric or quote because they are in tune (no pun intended) with your way of thinking. Sometimes just a regular every day sound will remind me a song. When I was working at McDonald's during college, one of the food timers would start several of us singing "Tainted Love."

One of my favorite memories from when I went to Las Vegas with my friend Chris was walking back to our hotel room at 3AM and singing every tune that popped into our head. Tired? Yes. Drunk? No. Showtunes. Old standards. Alternative. You name it and we were probably singing it.

When we were roommates, Chris turned me on to a lot of music that I was previously unfamiliar with. He likes a lot of dance and techno music. He also likes Simon and Garfunkle. We'd be driving somewhere and it would go from Goldfrapp's "Tip toe" to SnG's "Sound of Silence." I can't imagine that happens a whole lot to just any random person. Much in the same way that Angie turned me on to 10,000 Maniacs and R.E.M., he demonstrated remixes of songs can become whole new songs.

A former co-worker had a minor in Music Theory. She had a lot of technical knowledge about how songs are created. She said it made it difficult for her to appreciate music on a basic level anymore. Most music had taken on a very gray sameness. Verse. Chorus. Verse. Chorus. Bridge. Verse. Chorus. She could tell you the basics of music tempo and time signatures and key changes and chords. Her love of music was on a very technical level. As a result she would say that music had to be very different and inventive to grab her attention.

I love sharing my tastes in music with my friends. What am I listening to right now? What song am I replaying over and over? I take pride in being able to name a song within the first few seconds or even with just an opening chord. I've always said that life should have a soundtrack. Like in the movies, the right song at the right moment can make the moment all that more special.

If you see my bopping my head but there is clearly no music playing. Just ask me what song I'm 'listening' to. I've always got a song in my head.

Now: Sheryl Crow's cover of GnR's "Sweet Child o' Mine"
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