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I was really looking forward to the prime time Emmy's this year. Ellen Degeneres was hosting, and she is usually entertaining enough as a host to not make me want to drop anvils on my television.

I was also looking forward to the 'musical' numbers they were slated to have. It's almost embarrassing to explain why. Basically, they were having people who aren't singers singing beloved or well-known television theme songs. Donald Trump singing a duet of "Green Acres" with Karen Walker (from Will & Grace). William Shatner and an opera singing I can't recall 'singing' the theme of Star Trek (whose only words are spoken at the beginning).

Comedy gold? Actually it was less entertaining than I thought. I'm sure it was all a act as part of the show, because seriously... Donald Trump & Karen Walker beating out Macy Gray & Gary Dourdan singing "Movin' On Up" from The Jefferson's. THAT was good.

Overall, I was rather shocked at some of the people who won for their various shows. William Shatner as best supporting actor? Patricia Arquette for best lead actress? They are both from decent shows, but I don't think they were the ones who gave the strongest performances to win. I wanted Jenifer Garner to win just so I could see how pregnant she is. Sure I could pick up a tabloid for that, but... why give in like that?

I was glad that Desperate Housewives didn't sweep everything they were nominated for. Mainly because they are not a comedy. They have funny scenes as part of the soap-drama, but they are not a comedy. Yet, if I was ABC and I wanted to clean up as much as possible I wouldn't want to put my two highest rated newcomers up against each other. Let Lost take the drama and then DH can try for comedy. Oh well, so by shafting DH Everybody Loves Raymond had to win. I can live with that. It's a funny show and it's over. Give them one last hoorah.

The best moment was S. Epatha Merkerson winning for her role in Lackawanna Blues, admitted she lost her acceptance speech down her dress. "It's probably stuck to me." Classic. She truly seemed very appreciative and excited about winning.

I'm a HUGE fan of Lost so I was glad to see JJ Abrams win as the main creative force behind the show. Now if he'd only answer even just a couple of the burning questions he has created in the plot. What's in the hatch? Why do The Others want Walt?

Ok... Back to your regularly schedule programming.
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