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101 in 1001 #81

It's barely a week and here I am already complaining about not drinking any soda.

I was telling my co-workers about my goal and they wished me luck and warned me about withdrawals. I've known people that have stopped drinking soda and have had terrible caffeine withdrawal-related headaches. I can sympathize. My allergies give me headaches all the time. I'd deal with that. I'm not going for caffeine-free lifestyle so I still drink iced tea. That's not the issue.

It's not the syrupy, sugary, goodness of an ice cold beverage that I crave. It's the bubbles! Carbonation. Fizzy fizz. The feeling of taking a swig of a freshly opened Coca-Cola swishing it around and having it 'burn' my mouth like a powerful mouthwash. The bubbles tickling my throat as they coat the back of my palate and my neck. The feeling of a good burp from having chugged a soda too fast.

That's what I miss.

I almost drank some Alka Seltzer for a fix.
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B6 d- t k+ s u-- f i o+ x e+ l+ c

GSS d- s: a C++ W++ PS+ tv++ b+ e++ h- r++ y+

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