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SICK OF MYSELF (reprise)

So I am finally feeling better after my head case of a head cold last week. It was like a sinus infection and migraine all rolled into one. So much mucus. Actually that will be the title of my next book. So Much Mucus.

Now the only thing ailing me is a lingering cough. I was coughing so much last week that I wondered for a while if my cold hadn't settled in my lungs and I'd developed pneumonia. I've had it once before when I was very young, but I can remember feeling like hot shit. Ahh, memories... So, I don't have pneumonia. I would not be feeling better if I did. It's not like pneumonia is cured simple by a couple Cold-Eez and some Advil Cold & Sinus. Which you can only get behind the counter now. That stuff rocks! I don't get that fun medicine-head feeling from it, but it works like a charm. I guess for some people it works too well. It can be used to make meth apparently, so it is now off the shelves and you have to sign over your first born in order to get a box. Two boxes maximum.

My only problem was that neither the Advil or the Cold-Eez did much for my congestion. Some times I was coughing so hard that I could literally see stars. Not good. Severe coughing has always freaked me out a little bit because when my Grandfather first became ill with pneumonia, aggravated by smoking, he had weakened his heart and almost had a heart attack. Now, I know I'm comparing a 60 year old heart (at the time) to a 31 year old heart (me, now), but it's still something that I think about. Am I weakening my heart that eventually it might be a problem?

Hypochondriac? A little. Perhaps.

One thing that is for sure is that I coughed hard enough for a while that I bruised my right man boob. Not on the surface, but deep tissue. It's sore and tender to the touch. And I keep touching it! I give my self "manograms" every so often when I notice it hurts. I've been doing this enough that I'm not even conscious of coppin' a feel of myself anymore. I'll just be sitting at work and rubbing my hand underneath my pec feeling around for where it feels sore. Pushing on various areas trying to figure out exactly where it hurts.

Now I look sick in a totally different way.

So if you see me feeling myself up, I swear I'm not a pervert! I'm still just a little sick!
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