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Aaaaaaaaaand I'm back.

I find that it is difficult for me to focus on blogging anything when I'm at home. My work affords me the luxury of downtime that I can do some writing. Plus I get in the habit of reading as part of my morning routine while eating breakfast. So when I'm home and sleep in later or in the schools and not in front of a computer for the work day... it throws off my routine and I may not read that day.

ANYWAY... So what's been going on lately?

Mark and I went to the zoo over the weekend. This was the first time in almost two years that I've been to the zoo and actually enjoyed myself. We looked at everything the zoo offered. It made for a very entertaining day. I'm pretty lucky because he has the patience of a saint. Not only for working with children, but for putting up with me at the zoo as I took over 100 photos only to use about 25 of them. He even let me take a photo of him!

I finished another book. I finally jumped on the Harry Potter train only many years after the first original book. It's not a difficult read, but I wasn't expecting to finish it in two days. I couldn't done it in one sitting had I the time. I've read more books in the last 6 months than I have in the last ten years.

I have a few topics of things I'll probably write about at some point. As a teaser...

-Death in the family
-Public auction
-How my mind works
-Grad school

Stay tuned!

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