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It's common to excuse yourself after a burp or sneeze. Sometimes even a hacking cough will prompt acknowledgement of the interruptive sound. I should know. I have a noisy body.

My body is constantly making noises that I'm not sure if anyone else can hear. When I have a lot of congestion or a head cold my ears will depressurize. When I drink a carbonated beverage my throat gurgles. My stomach digests loudly. My body is always rumbling with some noise or another.

In the course of an average day most people wouldn't notice the sounds their body makes because of other noises going on around them. Yet, in a small office, shared by three people, the noises might as well be cymbal crashes and canons firing in the 1812 Overture.

I find myself saying "excuse me" a lot. Finally a coworker asked what I was excusing. She never heard me burp. She didn't think I was farting in the office. What was I excusing? I explained my noise body and how I wasn't sure what anyone 'outside my head' was able to hear.

Cute Teacher and I are comfortable enough around each other that I don't think he'd be wigged out by a little gas (in one form or another). But when we are sitting on the couch and my stomach decides to make itself known. Nothing flatulent, mind you. Just 'normal' body noises for me. I'm the noisiest person I know.

If I don't set my alarm, it is usually my stomach growling that wakes me up eventually. It is a cruel master. It demands food when it demands it.

Shhh! I bet you can hear my body growling for a donut right now.


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