The Comical Misadventures of a Rambling Mind


Ok, this is the part where I assure you that I'm not on drugs. At least not recreational ones. This dream was not induced by anything other than my vivid imagination as I fought for sleep while I fought a head cold.

It started out rather Farscape-esque. I was one of the few survivors of a space-hijacking. As I tired to get away with my fellow crew mates we all ended up separated. I stowed away in a tiny escape pod, which I eventually figured out how to fly. As I took off, I remember feeling a sense of panic as to where I was going to go. I had no idea where I was at or which way was 'home'. I started flying erratically as I learned to fly the escape pod. Once I got the hang of things I found myself coming up on casino. A space casino...

Once again... not on drugs. I docked and made my way inside. Some of the machines were HUGE built for people way larger than I am. I hit the jackpot on a machine that was part slot / part Texas hold 'em. As the attendants came around to cash out my winnings, I noticed they were human. Remember... Farscape-ian.

They asked if I was on their mailing list for free bonus coupons or some such nonsense. It came of quite sarcastically when I said... "You send mailings to Nebraska?" As she thumbed through some booklet she had, she said that yes indeed the do occasionally send mailings there, but rarely get any business for so far away.

I asked where the hell I was and she laugh and pointed out the window. We were on a space station that was orbiting a planet. The planet was partially covered in metal. Think of it like if you took a baseball cut off part of the outer covering and replaced it with metal plating of some kind. She explained where I was, but not where I was in relation to Earth. She told me where I could find a hotel for the time being til I got my affairs in order and figured out how I was going to get off this planet.

I took my ship down to the planet. It was semi-futuristic. Some car traveling along a road like normal, while some cars flew around, a la Fifth Element. The place I stayed at seemed normal for what I was used to. Nothing I hadn't seen in any sci-fi programs. As I checked in and walked around I noticed a lot of decorations. It appeared to be some sort of holiday. A lot of fireworks and flags that looked American. The top half of the flag was a blue and star covered field while the bottom half was red and white stripes.

I remember that there was one sun, but several moons. A larger one surrounded by smaller moons. I tried to snap a photo with my cell phone. I don't know who I expected to send it too. I had to try. My next plan was to try and email someone.

I woke up shortly after this with a coughing fit. Of course I couldn't get back to it... Once again... not on drugs.


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