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I am finally feeling like I'm getting settled in. My living room actually looks like a room you could live in. The couches (evil and non-evil) are no longer piled high with boxes or clothes or bags or stuff that has been unpacked from boxes but yet to find a home.

I'm not in a routine yet. I don't kick off my shoes where the rest of my shoes are. My bag finds various places to sit each day. Never the same place twice, so far. My keys/wallet/cell phone have this habit of migrating from foot of the stairs... to couch... to end table... to kitchen counter... and then somehow to my bedroom. They need a good home.

Things have been hung. There are pictures on some of the walls. Bare walls may be fine for other people, but for me, in my place, I need the walls to be staring back at me with something other than lifeless white.

The kitchen is still a bit of a shambles. This is where most things haven't found homes yet. I don't know where the dishes live. Glasses aren't in a convenient space yet. Pans have found a home. Yay! Any appliances that I need have found counter space on which to roost.

The fridge finally contains more than leftover PF Chang's rice and a pitcher of water. I finally have food options that include each of the food groups. I have a choice when it comes to beverages. Water... Milk... Coke... Beer... Crystal Light in a pinch.

I actually sat down and played around with my keyboard piano last night. This is something that I've really missed. There would be a song stuck in my head and the easiest way to remove it was to peck it out on the keys till I had a melody I could play. I'm sure that is some form of neurological disorder, but I don't care. I revel in it.

The bathroom is another story. I need more places to hang towels. A simple trip to the store will solve that. As of yet, all wet towels and wash clothes fight for space on the one bar that's precariously close to the toilet. It's only a matter of time before a washcloth takes a dive.

Closet space is adequate, but things need to be arranged. A good chunk of time is spent trying to locate exactly where my khakis have gone to hide. Work-suitable shirts are scattered throughout. This will simply not do. It's the organizer in me. A place for everything, even though everything won't always be in place.

Pictures to come! I just need to get everything set up again. My computer is also yet to find a home.
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