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Well... I'm leaving. That's it. I'm packing this shit up and leaving. Only for a while.

I'll be on vacation this next week. So to any of you regular readers, you might not even have noticed had I not said anything. I know I've been lax in posting lately. Lately between finding a new apartment (which I'll bitch about later)... Packing to move and actually moving this weekend... Packing for vacation... It's been somewhat hectic as you can imagine.

Comments are still down. It's honestly the least of my priorities right now.

But, I'm not leaving you hanging too much. Here are a couple of entries to keep you busy for the next week.

* * * * *

So I mentioned that finding an apartment was a bitch. My apologies to all of you proud bitches out there who wear the title of Bitch with pride.

Apartments companies are worse than car dealers. I would rather go through the haggling of buying another car than having to deal with apartment hunting.

I never really learned my lesson. Each time I move I say it's my last till I decide I want a house. Which, then never happens because while someday I'll want one, the idea of the responsibility of a house is not my cup of tea right now.

It was recommended that I not make a hasty decision and take the first apartment I came across. Good idea. Advice well taken.

The first place I looked at, I'd actually looked at one other time. One bedroom loft apartment. Better square footage than most of the one bedrooms I'd looked at. I have to go to the main building to do laundry, but there are plenty of washers and dryers to use. It was on the Possible List.

Calling the apartments was the kicker. This was the general flow of 90% of the conversations.

ME: Do you have any one bedroom apartments available?
APARTMENT CHIPPY: When are you looking to move?
ME: As soon as I can. What do you have available?
AC: Well, we have a one bedroom with (insert square footage here) for (amount) here.
ME: Can I see it? I'm looking to move as soon as I can. When could I move?
AC: It's available now and you can see it anytime if you stop by.

So I stop by.

ME: This is nice.
AC: It'll be available in mid-August.
ME: I thought you said it was available now.
AC: This is just the model.
ME: ???


AC: We actually don't have that one bedroom available for (the price she mentioned onthe phone).


AC: There is a slight problem with the apartment, but we can have it fixed by the time you would move. An electrician accidentally drilled some holes in the ceiling.


ME: This is a good price.
AC: The apartment has great features and amenities. Though... there is a small... issue. There is a family of racoons living in the linen closet.

Ok, I might have made up that last one. It was a family of meerkats. Still... Issue.

The number of Apartment Chippies that would give me one descriptions on the phone and then a second, different description in person. Isn't that Bait & Switch? Isn't that crap illegal?

After a soid week of apartment visiting and hunting I ended up with the first one that looked at. The one bedroom loft. Hrm... I'm so glad I wasn't hasty.

Pictures? They'll have to wait till I get it furnished with my essence. After I get back from... vacation!!

See you in a week!
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