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I had a lot in mind when I moved. I had figured that the costs of various things. I was prepared. What I wasn't prepared for was the start up fees. Transferring service is one thing. But there are some companies, I'm finding, are royal bitches when it comes to money.

My local ultity company sent me a bill on the 25th, which by my own doing, I didn't get till the 26th. Stating that on the 27th would be the last day they'd provide utilities to my apartment without a deposit. Ok... Um... What the fuck?

I've lived in Omaha for almost 9 years now. And even though some of those years were a roommate situation, I was still an account holder.

So I called Bev (if that is her real name) and questioned her about the need for a deposit. Bev (IFIHRN) stated that according to their ratings scale I was one point above what they allow for not having to pay a deposit. I questioned her on this scale and what it takes to get it lower. Paying your bill late hurts (obviously). Paying your bill on time is ok, but still not perfect in their eyes. You have to pay early. Early being the key... Which is 'nice', but not always acheviable.

Not only do I feel like I was bullied into paying on such short notice. But I'm also being penelized because I don't pay early. That's bullshit.

So... here is the kicker to all this. I asked what I can do to get that deposit back. She said I could have someone co-sign, which I'd rather not do. And if I did rather than sending me the money it si credited to my account. Which is 'handy', but not the money in hand that I was hoping for. The other kicker is... I can request the money back. In two years. In two flippin' years I can try and remember to call the utilities to request money that is mine to begin with.

It's times like this that make me want to live in the mountains and have a soalr-powered home. Bitches....
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