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It's been a while, but I am trying to get back into the swing of writing more again. Moving has been a pain in the ass. Both good and bad.

Brace yourself kittens! It's going to be a bumpy ride.

The apartment it looking more like a place to live and less like a storage garage at the local U-Store It. Let me catch you up to speed with the apartment. I love my apartment. I'm going to sandwich this with positives. I really do. I love the open, roomy feel of the room. The things that I thought were going to bother me, actually don't. The bedroom is big. I love the loft feel. The novelty of the stairs, I must admit I am getting over quickly. I find myself already lazily thinking, "what else do I need upstiars so I don't have to make another trip?" On the upside, it's good exercise. I am thinking about installing a fireman's pole from the bedroom to the living room. Multi-useful!

I've rearranged the furniture a couple of times to suit my liking. Of course when you don't have internet or cable, you have to entertain yourself sometimes.

Speaking of cable... that should be no longer an issue as of tonight. Yay! If I am not able to watch mind-numbing programming and surf to my leisure when I get home, heads will roll. It's been almost a month and I'm going slightly batty.

Speaking of batty... (don't you love these transitions?) I was having a serious One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest over the weekend.

Let me back up. I have diagnosed myself as mildly to severly dehydrated. When I moved it was sweaty, hot, and sweaty. Yeah, two sweaties. Then on vacation, it was more sweating. I come back to Omaha only to find more sweating. I need to learn to stop moving and vacation during the hottest month of the year.

I wasn't drinking water as much as I normally would be. If I was out I was having soda, since I didn't have any in my apartment for a while. Then at work, we were out and about, so I didn't have my steady supply of water like I normally would. So, water was not a part of my diet. Then on top of it... I was sick. With things... that would dehydrated a person.

So I had a crazy weekend, and I don't mean exciting. I'm getting used to the new sounds and shadows of that apartment. One of the biggest things that has startled me so far is "the man coming up the stairs."

The way my bed sits, I sleep facing the door and also heading right down the stores. I have a hat hanging on my bedpost. Which, when shadowed correctly and in the middle of sleep, can appear to be a figure climbing the stairs. I don't think my dehydration has helped such things. I'm pretty sure that my brain has shriveled a little. Me no thenk good.

Work is growing busier and busier. Which is both good an bad. I like being busy. I like having things to do, but I like it to be a steady busy. Not all or nothing. And the all or nothing has been a day to day thing. We may have a lot going on one day and then another day nothing. I know I have only one more year left. Yet, part of that is also that... I just only one more year left. I am constantly keeping one eye out for another job.

It's all about my Rock 'n' Roll lifestyle.

Along with work... our office is now being used for refridgeration. It is a pain to have to dress for winter inside, but live in summer outside. Is it too much to ask for an office environment that doesn't think it's the opposite season?

I've got my piano keyboards back out. I am REALLY out of practice. I need to find my music and re-learn some songs. I used to play a lot more and I really want to get back into it.

That's it for now. A good rambling post for your early-mid-week.
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