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What are you gonna get Cute Teacher for his upcoming b-day? You will no fool me with your Jedi mind tricks. I will not tell you what you're getting for your birthday. You'll just have to wait and see. :P

Have you ever considered making a career out of giving out dating advice? I have thought about it as a career. When I switch to "hotline mode", as it's been called, I tend to tell people what do to less than I would if I wasn't in hotline mode. The reason being... when it's a friend I am more honest with what I think. But in my mind when I'm doing it with a more professional purpose I tend to try and guide them to their own answers.

Tho, both Mike and I and Jay's friend Lisa and I have joked that we should have a radio call in advice show. I'd do it. I'm Fraiser enough. Plus I have a face for radio.

Kathie Lee or Kelly Ripa? Kelly!! They are both bat-shit crazy, but I think Kelly is less so.

Which question should I ask you here and not in our chats? A little explination behind this question. Ramperto is my friend from Italy. I live vicariously through him and his exotic land or wine and food. He is an amazing photographer and one of these days he'll make it to the Midwest. Tho I can't imagine why, when you live in a place as beautiful as Italy.

What career would you feel passionately about pursuing? Something in counseling? Research? I would stick to something in the counseling field. I have ideas of doing other things. I think about culinary school, but between my lack of wanting to eat some foods and my allergies... probably not a good combination. I toyed with the EMT idea once upon a time, but reality of that is that I'm too old to start into a career where the starting salary wouldn't do much to help me at this point. Unless I wanted to work 80 hours a week. Research isn't my bread and butter. It pays the bills for now, but I find it a bit dry. I'm more of a hands on person. I would love to work in an ER setting of some kind. The variety of patients. Always something new going on. Like the Hotline, but in person. I'm down with that.

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