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It is worth mentioning that the Cute Teacher did not nickname himself. Which is a good thing because you really can't give youself a nickname. I'm looking at you Sting! When I blog I am torn between using a persons real name and a name they might choose to go by online. Maybe it is for anonymity. Maybe it is a gaming name. Maybe it really is their nickname. I have always felt that it was more respectful to use their real name when writing about them. It wasn't until many many posts ago that it was brought to my attention that everyone might not see it that way.

So I took a cautious middle of the road stance. If they blog, use their blogging handle until I know otherwise that it is ok to do so. It was never done maliciously. Mainly just meant as a show of friendliness.

But I'm getting off track. The Cute Teacher, or CT as I have sometimes referred to him, did not ask that I call him that nor does he call himself that. That was my doing. Jen even upgraded him to Hot Teacher at one point in time. I would obviously agree. Hot Teacher... CT... Cute Teacher... etc... they are all the same person.

Does that clear up any confusion?


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