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This is how I like to start off my day. Thanks Mike!

Marvel has released the new trailer for the upcoming Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon slated for a Spring, 2009 debut. As reported earlier, the new animated series will debut on Nicktoons.

Sadly, I've not regularly read a comic book in quite some time. It's amusing for me to pick one up now and see who the X-roster includes. Familiar faces? Fresh meat? Same ol' enemies?

Back in my comic book heydey, "anything with an X in the title" was the easiest way to describe what comics I read. That still is true. I've always been a Marvel fan, X-Men in particular. So the thought of a 'new' cartoon coming up brings a big smile to face.

My only issue... Can we get some 'new' story lines? In the trailer, the Government doesn't like mutants. Really? Wow...

In case you haven't read any of the comics... In case you didn't see any of the blockbuster movies... In case you didn't see any of the previous cartoon incarnations... The Government doesn't like mutants. Would it kill a writer to take one of the other major story arcs are run with it? Who cares about cannon at this point? Pick up the story wherever you feel like and run with it.

That aside... YAY 'new' X-MEN CARTOON!!!

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