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The plight of the older sibling

This article doesn't seem like anything too surprising, but I suppose that having it suddenly 'proven' is newsworthy. The new study confirmed that amongst siblings the eldest child get the roughest go of it. While the younger siblings have it easier.

Really? Big shock...

I'm in the odd category of having siblings that didn't live with me. So I can't speak on how such a parently reign of power on the oldest siblings might have worked. My Grandparents had already raised two kids. My Dad fathered a couple kids after me. But I never was raised with any of them. So as far as the 'youngest' of the kids my grandparents raised I had it pretty easy. "Stay alive and don't fuck up" was the unofficial motto. They cared about me, but there was definite trust. Compared to my aunt and father (their children) as long as I stayed out of jail and off of drugs I was golden.

I wonder about the little quirks families have. If you've got older step-children that come in to a family do they get the rough go of it even if an older child comes into the family from a marriage? Does a bigger age gap make it easier or worse on the siblings? What about adopted kids?

I'm doing my own informal survey. I should draft a grant proposal and get paid millions of dollars to investigate it.

Are you the older sibling? Were your parents tougher on you than your siblings? Maybe you were the younger sibling who could get away with murder?


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