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"In June, a California judge will hear a plaintiffs' motion for class certification in a case that accuses eHarmony of discrimination against gays and lesbians. eHarmony does not reject gays—it simply doesn't accept them: the only choices on the site are "man seeking woman" or "woman seeking man." A company lawyer explains that eHarmony makes matches based on unique scientific research into what makes heterosexual unions work; it hasn't done the same kind of work on gay unions, though it doesn't rule out such research in the future. While this explanation may be true, it also sidesteps the real problem. eHarmony was founded eight years ago by a conservative Christian who had a passionate interest in the benefits of shared values in heterosexual marriage—and he sold this formula within the Christian world. (Warren was not available for comment.) Today, the company desires to reap the economies of scale offered by a mainstream clientèle, and in the wider world, shared values are not as easy to compute."

I understand a site, much like a club or organization, can dictate who it does and doesn't want in the club. Some will cry discrimination, and they may be right. I am amused how eHarmony sidesteps the discrimination issue on their site, but only have two hetero sexual based choices.

Much like surveys, websites can skew the information they gather, but only offering a limited number of choices for answers. There are the obvious assumptions that because the dating site has ties with James Dobson's Focus on the Family that they are discriminating based on sexual orientation.

What explination is given for being rejected by the site? What about the assumption that gays aren't Christians or that some aren't 'conservative'? (Which I know opens a whole can of Biblical worms.)

There is really no good answer, in my opinion. Because can you really come out and openly say you discriminate again any in particular? There would be so much backlash, no matter who it was your were discriminating against. Is it just easier to play 'dumb' and act like you didn't realize you were doing anything wrong?

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