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I pruchased a grill over the weekend. I'd been in the mood for some grillin' and chillin' for a while. As I've joked before, the grill is the only thing I miss about something in the past. HA! I'd been eyeing a grill at Super Target for a couple weeks now. I'm sure the security folks were starting to think that I was casing the joint.

First I was debating if I really wanted to get it. Then I was holding out til my tax refund arrived. Then I wanted to get it on a weekend I wasn't working. When Mark and I finally went to go purchase the grill, it was on sale. WOO!!

Get the thing loaded up in the Jeep and get home. Mark was making lunch. It'd be ready in about an hour. I figured that would be a good time to get the grill put together. I unloaded everything outside. My thinking being that getting it out the door might be an issue. Set it up where you want it. Seemed like sound thinking. On a sunny... windy day... instructions where blowing around. Packing material was blowing around. There were a lot of small part to be potentially lost through the wooden patio cracks. It was a hassle. So I moved it inside. Mark just looked at me with part pity, part aww... I can only imagine what he was thinking.

An hour later, lunch was ready to go and I was barely done with the assembly of the legs. Seriously? Granted part of that involved me unboxing and completely moving everything, but still. I'm not opposed to reading instructions. But I'm a visual learner. Show me how to do it or let me see a picture of how it's supposed to be and I'll reverse engineer it. Looking at the picture was helpful, but the instructions themselves were slightly vague for me. My confidence in the instructions was failing.

I was on a mission. As Mark took a post-lunch siesta, I continued to work on the grill. I had to do it. Pointing out the occasional mistake, Mark was willing to lend a hand and offer his reassurance that how I was doing it was correct.

Three and a half hours later we had a grill! I'm a person of average intelligence, but this grill almost bested me. So many little screws and parts that need to go here or there. So many pieces that eventually will come together into a machine of flame and food. And they did. The only pieces I had left over were the spare pieces that the package came with. So that's a good sign.

The only issue... My faith in how I assembled it is lacking. The part where the gasline is fed into the burner tube is bothering me. Both parts are connected to the grill in one way or another, but to each other... one is inside the other. Nothing really securing them together. My instinct tells me that if this is where gas comes from the tank and that it eventually meets ignition and flame... things would blow up?

So if I try it and I blow up... If I die, it was nice knowing all of you. If I make it, but I'm horribly disfigured... Monsters need love too.

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