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Not too long ago a coworker went to China. She brought back some 'candy' for us. This is not to be confused with the 'candy' that a previous coworker brought back from China. That candy turned out to be fish bullion cubes. (I'd link you to that post, but I fear it was lost in the great blog explosion of Ought Six.)

Chinese Candy

Top row:
-Some sort of squishy fruit concoction. It reminded me of one of those party favors that you pull the ends and confetti explodes out of it.

-It looks like a jello shot with a piece of fruit in it and some thick goop at the bottom. The fruit was determined to be peach. The thick gel at the bottom is yet to be analyzed.

-A paper and gel sandwich. That's right... Paper. Gel. Sandwich. It's as if you melted flavorless gummi bears inbetween sheets of rice paper.

Bottom Row:
-Four seasons eight blessings tea. It looks like a bag of lawn clippings, but it's the thing I am willing to try the most.

-In apperance, it would look to be cherries covered in chocolate and the glazed with something. But you can't forget about the sesame seeds in it as well.

-It was described to me as a fruit roll up, that doesn't unroll. Yet it is strangely solid in some parts and super soft in others.

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