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Ok. I'm getting this out of the way, first thing in the morning to give all you huddled masses something to read.

I had the craziest dream last night. What makes it shocking for me is that I didn't eat any spicy foods. Usually that'll ensure a crazy vivid dream.

The Earth was under siege by aliens. It was all very War of the Worlds. H.G. Wells not Tom Cruise. The aliens had been living here for some time and something had awakened them. It wasn't all about destruction. They were enslaving the population. Making us work for them.

I never actually did see an alien, per se. The 'ships' they were flying around in were definitely something out of WotW. There was also this show on the Discovery Channel some time ago. It was about finding life on another planet and the probes Earth would send to investigate. The lifeforms they 'find' on that show are sorta of similar.

The aliens communicate to with each other primarily through sound and rhythms. You could always tell they were coming to get someone because there would be this heavy thumping drum noise that would rattle everything. You could feel it before you could hear it, or sometimes even see them.

I know this is going to sound weird so just go with it. They came to Earth because of the different sounds they could find here. Since their primary communication used sounds, then things like the rumbling of an earthquake or the sound a whale makes or the pulsing energy that a power plant might have each gave off a sound that led them to us, and Earth.

Anyway... The aliens are kidnapping humans and forcing them to work in some sort of factory. When you are taken, you are given a number. It appears as a glowy mark on your forehead, that is only seen when you have been 'chosen'. For what I have no idea. The weird(er) part about this is that they use a base 16 numbering system.

"What?!" you might say... And trust me, so did I. In my dream when I found this factory where people were being taken to, some guy had figured out that they used a base-16 method of counting. So he knew who was going to be next, and when his time would come.

Now, let's take for just a second, and analyze this. I know very little about math. I was a Psych major. I only made it through Geometry because it was about 'shapes'. I understand the concept of base counting systems, but what the fuck!? Seriously... to dream about it? Whoa... That is a whole new level of geekery right there. I need to go take that Geek/Nerd/Dork test again.

I'm running around the city (I'm in my hometown) trying to warn people about the aliens coming and what they are doing to people. (Which I really never did figure out what they were doing.) I can recall the exact street that I was traveling on to get to various places. I took the same route around town that I did when I was younger and would cruise the city.

I found Charity and Tennille. Two good friend that I don't think every crossed paths that I am aware of. They were both at an outdoor BBQ, and... HELLO!? Aliens? Kidnapping? Is this really the time for enjoying grilled food?

Now... the analysis. What does this dream have to do with what's going on in my life right now? Hell if I know.

I don't like world-ending apocalyptic type movies. I was freaked the hell out as a little kid by WotW. But then we get how important sound and numbers were in my dream. It's like if I was to remember to or three things from my dream it would be sound, base-16, and aliens. Which is totally bizarre in any context.
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