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winikoffI've gotta say... Sometimes I really wonder how gullible some people are. I'm sure I've fallen for a gag or two in my time. But I think I have a sufficient amount of caution and skepticism to spot a scoundrel.

Have y'all hear about this? Because seriously... What about this sounded legit?

You have to read it to believe it, but for those click-a-phobics... the article talks about how 73-year old Philip Winikoff went door to door posing as a doctor performing breast exams.

If you hadn't actually called a doctor, wouldn't you find it rather odd... that one would show up. Secondly, wouldn't it seem odd to perform such an exam without the aide of any medical technology.

I only know what the article states. There might be circumstances that they aren't relaying to the reading public. I certainly hope so. I'm glad no one was seriously hurt. Both of the women that fell for his scam let him in to their home where he fondled and sexually assaulted them.

Seeing the photo of the guy... I have to say if he showed up at my door I would've took one look and closed the door. But I can see how someone might be fooled by who seems to be at least partially genial.

On one hand you have seemingly mild manner "Doctor" Philip whose car might have broken down and he just needs to use your phone.

winikoff 2

On the other hand we have crazy mastermind "Doktor" Winikoff who would feel you up and is eyeing your magic lady parts for belts and handbags.

winikoff 1

At least they are still alive and relatively unharmed.
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