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So I have a few 'known' obsessions. One of them being Sean Astin. You know how some couples make a "Top 5" list? You know where Sean is on mine. Now let me preface by saying... Mark would feel the exact same way if his Top 1 came to town. The question is would he publically admit who his 'sean astin' is on his list? :P Lub j00!! :D Obviously this is a fantasy list. I mean... how close could I ever 'actually' come to meeting Sean Astin.

Uh... well how about if he films a PSA for my former place of employment??!!

Sean Astin #4

For real... Sean Astin filmed a PSA for the Hotline. When my friend/former coworker told me about it and emailed photos I let out the most gayest gay gasp ever. Which is very uncharacteristic of me. C'mon... tho. It's my Top 1 on my "Top 5"

Sean Astin #2

There is all comfy just waiting to go on. With a wide array of snacks. Does he go for the healthy veggies of the cookies and donuts?

I know he's way shorter than I picture him to be in my head. I'm talking HEIGHT, people... Jesus H. Macy. But still, he's a giant to me. I've argued with many that I would swear he's at least 6 feet tall. But I know better.

She said he was real nice. Very personable and friendly. I'm sure that'd be the case until I got hauled away for violation of a restraining order.

Sean Astin #1

So close... GAH!!

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