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It's that time of year. I wanted to make a somewhat cliche "What I'm Thankful For" post.

Overall, even tho I complain... a LOT. I really don't have much to actually complain about. I have a job, thankfully... after months of looking. Thanks Brenda. I have good friends who are willing to call me on my shit. Thanks Mike. You too Bryan. I have a bunch of great friends, some that I've known for years and some that I've only recently met. You know who you are. Besides there's too many of you all to mention. I'm thankful that I have someone who loves me for me, that I can be my dorky self around. Thanks Mark! I have a family who drives me crazy, but I'm thankfully for a lot of the choices that they made when I was too young to make them for myself. And even tho I put my grandmother on the spot a few hours before Thanksgiving dinner many years ago, by telling her I was gay... she still talks to me.

It wasn't anything as comedic or dramatic as this clip from Will & Grace... thankfully.

I hope that everyone has a very good Thanksgiving holiday! Remember, no matter who you are... there is at least one person who is thankful that you are a part of their life.

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