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Otherwise titled: I Hate Cox Cable and Why You Should Too

Let me start off by saying that I have been a loyal customer for the last 10 years. You would think that in ten years of service that when I move that I wouldn't have to pay a deposit on activation in a new place. Why the deposit you may ask? Because you know I did. When I called I was told that there are ratings that customers have. Paying late, of course, gets you a low rating. Paying on time gets you a moderate rating. No deposits are a 'bonus' for those who pay early. Like... before you even GET a statement early. Of course I can get this deposit back. Only if I request it after two years of service. It is not automatically given back.

Perhaps you live in an area where you see constant rate hike of cable prices. There are plenty of commercials on air right now even poking fun at it. That alone is enough to drive a person batty. Unfortunately, I have little choice in my current set-up. My apartment is cable-ready for Cox Communications. If I was even able to have any other service in there I would have pay for wiring and installation which is just not an option financially.

The latest issue is a bit more problematic. For the last month (at least) my cable dvr box (or TiFaux as I call it) will reboot unexpectedly. Sometimes it would come back automatically. Sometimes I had to call customer support to have them fix it. Recently I tried hooking up my VCR in addition to my TiFaux. This apparently is not recommended by Cox Communications. Why? My guess is they want you to use their service totally. Who needs a VCR when you can have a DVR. Oh wait... maybe it's because the TiFaux doesn't work consistently. I make at least a call a week to tech support asking them to fix the box. The automated phone 'knows' me now. Noting that I've recently called about an issue and asking if it still occuring. I would think that if it knows that much, and it's still a problem that it would transfer me to a live person.

Sidenote: I know they ways to get to live people but that's not the point.

Once I get to a live person they walk me through similar steps that the automated service tries. Again, sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. As of this last call over the weekend my cable box would not record, there is no guide, and playback is sometimes not available. This is unacceptable.

A technician is finally dispatched to take a look at the problem in person. I am informed by the CSR that I may be charged a fee for the visit if it is determined to not be an issue with their equipment. As Lloyd would say... Fuck that noise. What else would it be?

[an Anvil of Foreshadowing looms over the VCR]

The tech shows up bright and early and semi-unannounced. There was supposed to be an automated confirmation call. This didn't happen. After one knock he was already heading back to his van. It was 8am! I was asleep and expecting a phone call first!

Once in, he was courteous and helpful in explaining what he was finding and what he was trying to do to solve the issue. Much like a doctor or nurse is trained to explain what they are doing to you as they go along. He noticed the VCR and explained that their system is not meant to be used in conjunction with VCRs (See my theory above). He unhooked the VCR and tried again. It still wasn't working. Suddenly I felt vindicated that my VCR was not the issue. Try and service charge me now!

He swapped out the TiFaux box for another. Still not working. Hrm... curious. If it's not the box that is the problem maybe it's something in the line coming into the apartment. Another test... No. That seemed fine as well. Perhaps it is their signal that is having issues getting even TO my apartment to begin with. Well by the time he came to this diagnosis his I-might-be-there-between-eight-and-ten window was closing. It was almost ten and he had other appointments. Unacceptable! His patch solution was to hook the cable directly to the TV. So no TiFaux. No recording ability. No playback ability. And I'm paying for what again?

I was told that a maintainence worker would be out to check the wiring leading up to the apartment. Asking if I would need to be there for it. He looked at me confused. Slower this time... Would. I. Need. To. Be. Home. For. The. Maintainence. Visit? He didn't believe so.

Well guess what... I should've been home. Maintainence was there and gone and couldn't find anything wrong with their signal and wanted to come in and check my TiFaux.


I was aware of the visit because they called me to let me know they had stopped by (after the fact) and that I should call to schedule a follow-up visit.

Flames... on the side of my face.

The earliest they can make a return visit is Friday... This means a whole week without useage of their box which I pay for. On top of however many other hours of service I've missed out on as a result of their service interruption

Angry letters are already being sent.

Normally I would say some of this is just PMS realted (Poor Me Syndrome) but honestly... this is bullshit. I am not the first one to complain in most instances. It really has to be something important for me to raise my voice in protest. And this is douchery. (Mike © 2007) If I wadn't worried about legal repercussions I'd take a cue from the Simpsons. Though I think Lisa's fear of retribution might be a bit extreme for this situation.

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