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The Rules: List 8 things about yourself that no one may be aware of. At the end of the post, tag and link to 8 other people. Leave a comment at those sites, letting them know they’ve been tagged, and asking them to come read the post so they know what to do.

I'm not sure how I got tagged, but I figured why not do this on a sleepy Monday afternoon. Even tho I have a list of 100 Things about me, I'll see if I can come up with either 'secrets' that I might not have confessed before. The interesting part of this kind of game is... do you confess something silly and harmless or something heavy and embarrassing? The internet is faceless for the most part.

#1 - I used to shave my knuckles for a short period of time. I was very self-conscious of it at one point. I have such light (read: practically albino) skin and dark hair that it stood out. Once I realized that it was silly to even care, I stopped. So I'm perfectly ok with monkey knuckles.

Wow?! Can these secrets BE any sexier?!

#2 - I realize that several of the guys I worked with in when I was younger were unknowingly my secret boyfriends. Although, neither of us knew it. By that I mean, guys that I liked working with. Had we both been gay (or out for that matter) I would've been crushing on. Don't bother asking for names, Angie. I won't tell!! :)

#3 - I once killed a man for his boots.

You don't believe me on that one... FINE...

#3 (again) - I once showed up to work drunk. I wasn't super drunk, like i didn't just finish a beer before clocking in, but I was certainly still buzzed.

#4 - I made out with two guys the same day. Which I'm sure some people are thinking is tame and/or lame. But I guess you have to know me. That's not really my style. It was years ago. At the time, newly gay Cris, had a great day with one person, but not the evening he was hoping for. Another suitor showed up and unknowingly took his place. I guess it's a secret because I felt horrible. I really liked Guy #1 and felt terrible that I had led on Guy #2. It wasn't until seeing Guy #2 at a bar while with Guy #1, that he figured out what had gone on and confronted me about it.

#5 - I could probably include these as a list of their own, but it seems just as easy to list them like this. I don't have a good reason to not like these things, but I don't care for them: Calvin peeing on [anything] decals. Feeling obligated to tip someone. Industrial strength wholesale toilet paper. Hob-nob luncheons. People asking you to fill out a survey (ironic, I know).

#6 - I hate styrofoam. Seriously... I could have put this along with the others in #5, but I hate it enough to give it it's own number.

#7 - I've said some very horribly evil things to my father. But I'd be lying if said I didn't mean some of them. At least at the time...

#8 - Let's go with something whimsical to end things lightly. I'd love to sing if only I was ballsy enough to do it. Karaoke doesn't count.

I'm not going to tag anyone else. If you do this as well... let me know. I'd be curious to read it.

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