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Work has been rather oddly tense lately. There has been a "hurry-up then wait" sense of urgency about some issues, while other issues go by the way side. There are a lot of busy people trying to juggle many projects all at once. I am a part of just one of the juggled projects that needs attention and direction from time to time.

Working on a grant is a new experience for me. It is a finite job with a definite goal and sense of what people are hoping to accomplish when it is all said and done. I went into this job knowing that it would eventually end and I'd be back to where I was last year, looking for a new job. That is never a prospect I enjoy. Who really does?

Maybe people are gun-shy with good reason. It is starting to seem that anytime there is a small possibility of something going awry people are looking for the lifeboats. Be prepared. Have a plan of attack/defense. That's responsible. That makes sense. I think after a certain point it becomes pessimistic.

Those of you who know me well, may disagree or agree with this, but I think I am a pretty optimistic person. Or at the very least, I'm not a pessimistic person. After a while, too much pessimism just wears on me. It's hard to take.

Am I being foolish by not doing more when someone says the sky is falling?
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