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Mark and I went to Kansas City this weekend. It's a ritual that we began shortly after we met. We've been going to The Plaza each winter once they begin with their holiday light display. I'm easily amused so it doesn't take much. The weather was a bit stressing, but it could've been worse. It was a bit rainy. Or maybe it was snow... It was hard to tell, really. The drive down wasn't too bad. The walking around The Plaza was nice. I wasn't disappointed to see the lights come on at dusk. It was the drive home that sucked. Fog rolled in and made the flurry-ish snow even a little more annoying. But we took our time. Rather make it alive, than make it in record time.

I like taking road trips with Mark. We have good talks when we're on the road. It's probably because we aren't distracted by TV. I kid, but seriously... there is something about riding along and having meaty conversations that I truly enjoy. There is something that I love about knowing that the man I want to spend my life with is right there by my side. He's got my back. He helps me with directions. He knows when I'm concerned and does what he can to help. He is caring. He is thoughtful. He is loving. He is the one for me... and road trips like this last weekend just remind me of that.

The shopping itself is kind of hit or miss for us. We both like the home decor stores. I'm all about William Sonoma. We both are entertained by Scandia Down, for one primary reason... $400 throw pillows. What is a pillow stuffed with that makes it that much? So we go in there so that I can wipe my nose on it. I'm imbuing it with my essence.

The clothing stores are nice, but I'm not that into clothing that I have to go in and try on various things. I enjoy window browsing, but it's not that super important.

It would be a great place if my friends had extravagant tastes. There are a lot of high end shops. But Mark and I have just as much fun looking at blow out deals at discount stores as we do high end retail.

Speaking of blow out deals, being Thanksgiving weekend... the crowds weren't too bad. Granted with the economic problems the country is having, it's no surprise. Yet, it made for good times in getting around each shop. We actually braved a few stores on Friday. K-Mart looked like a small tornado had hit it. Everything was so picked over. I kind of wanted to go to Wal-Mart simply for the ability to gawk at the masses struggling to get a deal. But my sense got the best of me.

Overall, it was a good weekend. I'm still waiting for a good snow so that Mark and I can park ourselves in front of a window and watch it fall. I'm ready now.
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Silly me for being the responsible one. For making sure that I'm to work on time. For making sure that other people have what they need before my own personal needs are met. Why do I even bother with some people sometimes? I don't get it.

Mark and I went to KC this weekend. I would've loved to just not care a thing about any responsibilities and go down early on Friday and enjoy a nice relaxing night in a nice hotel. Then putz around the town on Saturday. But I couldn't. I was on call. We had to take the weather in to consideration.

I guess I shouldn't assume that just because I have a certain way of operating that everyone else should have at least a similar set of beliefs.

I rarely call in sick. I can't recall the last time I took an official vacation day. Yet other co-workers show up when the feel like it. Doing as they feel like, with seemingly no remorse for it. As well as no consequences. I'm not asking for people to get comeuppance, because one day that might be me. I think there is a certain amount of karma that will come in to play.

I just needed to get that off my chest.
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