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Am I so naive to think that multiracial couples are even noteworthy? Granted, I get that it's in the news because Obama is a presidential candidate. But really, is it that unusual?


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'Really? Are you really done with it? Because I have a hard time believing it. It's not that I think you're lying, per se. I just think that you overestimate your maturity.' That's what I think every time I hear that someone is giving up overly dramatic friends & coworkers, blogging, being socially online, or the internets in general. I find it amusing that someone well dramatically claim that they are over the drama.

The people that are really over 'it', don't announce it. The just do it. They just leave all the melodrama behind. They don't make long winded posts to all their so called friends. They don't throw themselves down on the chaise lounge in their mind and announce to a room full of coworkers that they can't take it anymore.

Have something dramatic happen? That's fine. Want to tell someone about it? Fine. But be a better story teller. Don't throw open the curtains and announce it to the world, Scarlet. People will take your seriously if you are calmer and sincere.

If you think this is about you. Don't worry about it. It's 99% likely that it's not. It's more about the incidental people I stumble across as I pass the time reading blogs or listening to coworkers droll on.

So why say something here?

*pulls up a chaise lounge and throws himself on it*

Because I can...


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Quaint little Omahomo is becoming an industrialized city. But it needs your help.


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This is several kinds of gay. And all kinds of awesome.

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Did you have a bad day?

Was your day interrupted by a flying penis?

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Everyone gets spam email, but this one really caught my attention. Simple because it was just 'out there' enough to be almost normal, yet... SO not.

I presume the idea of the advertisement was to get me to sign up with the company so my website would get more traffic. In order to promote just how awesome said company is they included a set of sites that I might be interested in. These were recommended based on my "unique products and unusual internet content."

    Electric Bath Duck - The perfect present for your enemies
    Boob Art Canvas
    Woman breastfeeds orphan fawn
    Intelligent Zoo Design
    Singapore Superhero: Batman Bin Suparman

Ok I must admit the Boob Art Canvas sounds intriguing. While the Electric Bath Duck sounds like some 'device' out of the game Worms: Armageddon. But really... who can pass up a gem like a woman who breast feeds an orphaned fawn. You Tube that shit!


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Not that this probably hasn't been posted 1000 times by gays across the inkernets... but in case you missed it.

Calif. Supreme Court rejects gay marriage ban

...and in other headlines...

Gay ex-governor says he's too poor for alimony


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I've been kind of introspective lately. So put on your waders. The water may get a little deep and choppy.

I'm going to say this, while keeping one thing in mind... It's said that the things we dislike in others are usually the things we dislike in ourselves. So if I do these things I'm about to mention, I would hope that someone will tell me so I can make sure I'm not being hypocritical about it. Now on to it...

I don't understand how people have an issue answering simple questions. I think it is probably one of the rudest things you can do. Personally. Professionally. How can you just ignore a valid question? Or a question out of concern? I would have to say it's one of my biggest pet peeves. And one of my biggest fears. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

In the working world you get questions all the time. From co-workers. From bosses. From customers. As a 'consumer', wouldn't you be upset if a store clerk completely blew you off and didn't even acknowledge that you were looking for assistance?

Wednesday Is Meh-dayIn your circle of friends and acquaintances, the same thing. Is it really that much effort to answer a friendly call or email? I remind myself that not everyone lives with their email on like I do. I remind myself that people have all sorts of things going on that may prevent them from getting back to me. This is not a self-centered thing. Really. I don't think of myself in some entitled way. I don't go around demanding, "you MUST answer me."

In a job, you're boss would want an answer. Your co-worker might be awaiting to know how to proceed. Your friend might be wanting to make plans and include you. Your friend might be concerned about how you are doing. At what point does courtesy go out the window? I try and take a 'reap what you sow' approach. I try and be as prompt as I can. In return I hope that people would show me the same. Like I said... if I don't do this, please point it out! I truly don't want to be hypocritical about this.

Part of the reason this bothers me so much is I don't want to be forgotten. Out of the loop. Alone.

WHOA!? Did it get personal in here? Let me explain... Roundaboutly.

When I was a little kid there was an episode of a cartoon (Dungeons & Dragons, but that is beside the point) where each of the main characters were facing their own private fear. One of the characters fear was being alone. It always stuck with me about how horrible that would be. Castaway? Horrible movie for me... I'd end up going crazy if I was trapped on a desert island.

In my personal life this doesn't mean that I can't be by myself or that I have to be around people all the time. What it does mean is that I treasure my friends. I try and cultivate relationships in order to make sure they withstand the test of time. Because the biggest way to hurt me inside is to treat me like I'm not there. Like I don't matter.

Before anyone gets to thinking. No one has personally offended me. No bosses or coworkers have wronged me. Like I started out saying... Just been a little introspective and felt like putting the proverbial pen to paper.


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If you're ever feeling down about yourself... Never fear! There is the Church of Jedi to help you through your day.

Just don't piss off "Darth Vader".

Unfortunately for Hughes, his March attack was recorded on a video camera that the cousins had set up to film themselves in a light saber battle.

"Darth Vader! Jedis!" Hughes shouted as he approached.

Hughes claimed he couldn't remember the incident, having drunk the better part of a 2 1/2-gallon box of wine beforehand.

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Even tho his movies have been hit or miss with the public at large. I've enjoyed M Night Shyamalan's movies. Here's the rub... Apocalyptic type movies freak me out, but I can't stop watching the trailer for M's latest movie.


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This is how I like to start off my day. Thanks Mike!

Marvel has released the new trailer for the upcoming Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon slated for a Spring, 2009 debut. As reported earlier, the new animated series will debut on Nicktoons.

Sadly, I've not regularly read a comic book in quite some time. It's amusing for me to pick one up now and see who the X-roster includes. Familiar faces? Fresh meat? Same ol' enemies?

Back in my comic book heydey, "anything with an X in the title" was the easiest way to describe what comics I read. That still is true. I've always been a Marvel fan, X-Men in particular. So the thought of a 'new' cartoon coming up brings a big smile to face.

My only issue... Can we get some 'new' story lines? In the trailer, the Government doesn't like mutants. Really? Wow...

In case you haven't read any of the comics... In case you didn't see any of the blockbuster movies... In case you didn't see any of the previous cartoon incarnations... The Government doesn't like mutants. Would it kill a writer to take one of the other major story arcs are run with it? Who cares about cannon at this point? Pick up the story wherever you feel like and run with it.

That aside... YAY 'new' X-MEN CARTOON!!!

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The plight of the older sibling

This article doesn't seem like anything too surprising, but I suppose that having it suddenly 'proven' is newsworthy. The new study confirmed that amongst siblings the eldest child get the roughest go of it. While the younger siblings have it easier.

Really? Big shock...

I'm in the odd category of having siblings that didn't live with me. So I can't speak on how such a parently reign of power on the oldest siblings might have worked. My Grandparents had already raised two kids. My Dad fathered a couple kids after me. But I never was raised with any of them. So as far as the 'youngest' of the kids my grandparents raised I had it pretty easy. "Stay alive and don't fuck up" was the unofficial motto. They cared about me, but there was definite trust. Compared to my aunt and father (their children) as long as I stayed out of jail and off of drugs I was golden.

I wonder about the little quirks families have. If you've got older step-children that come in to a family do they get the rough go of it even if an older child comes into the family from a marriage? Does a bigger age gap make it easier or worse on the siblings? What about adopted kids?

I'm doing my own informal survey. I should draft a grant proposal and get paid millions of dollars to investigate it.

Are you the older sibling? Were your parents tougher on you than your siblings? Maybe you were the younger sibling who could get away with murder?


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An Algorithm for Mr. Right

"In June, a California judge will hear a plaintiffs' motion for class certification in a case that accuses eHarmony of discrimination against gays and lesbians. eHarmony does not reject gays—it simply doesn't accept them: the only choices on the site are "man seeking woman" or "woman seeking man." A company lawyer explains that eHarmony makes matches based on unique scientific research into what makes heterosexual unions work; it hasn't done the same kind of work on gay unions, though it doesn't rule out such research in the future. While this explanation may be true, it also sidesteps the real problem. eHarmony was founded eight years ago by a conservative Christian who had a passionate interest in the benefits of shared values in heterosexual marriage—and he sold this formula within the Christian world. (Warren was not available for comment.) Today, the company desires to reap the economies of scale offered by a mainstream clientèle, and in the wider world, shared values are not as easy to compute."

I understand a site, much like a club or organization, can dictate who it does and doesn't want in the club. Some will cry discrimination, and they may be right. I am amused how eHarmony sidesteps the discrimination issue on their site, but only have two hetero sexual based choices.

Much like surveys, websites can skew the information they gather, but only offering a limited number of choices for answers. There are the obvious assumptions that because the dating site has ties with James Dobson's Focus on the Family that they are discriminating based on sexual orientation.

What explination is given for being rejected by the site? What about the assumption that gays aren't Christians or that some aren't 'conservative'? (Which I know opens a whole can of Biblical worms.)

There is really no good answer, in my opinion. Because can you really come out and openly say you discriminate again any in particular? There would be so much backlash, no matter who it was your were discriminating against. Is it just easier to play 'dumb' and act like you didn't realize you were doing anything wrong?

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