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So I have a few 'known' obsessions. One of them being Sean Astin. You know how some couples make a "Top 5" list? You know where Sean is on mine. Now let me preface by saying... Mark would feel the exact same way if his Top 1 came to town. The question is would he publically admit who his 'sean astin' is on his list? :P Lub j00!! :D Obviously this is a fantasy list. I mean... how close could I ever 'actually' come to meeting Sean Astin.

Uh... well how about if he films a PSA for my former place of employment??!!

Sean Astin #4

For real... Sean Astin filmed a PSA for the Hotline. When my friend/former coworker told me about it and emailed photos I let out the most gayest gay gasp ever. Which is very uncharacteristic of me. C'mon... tho. It's my Top 1 on my "Top 5"

Sean Astin #2

There is all comfy just waiting to go on. With a wide array of snacks. Does he go for the healthy veggies of the cookies and donuts?

I know he's way shorter than I picture him to be in my head. I'm talking HEIGHT, people... Jesus H. Macy. But still, he's a giant to me. I've argued with many that I would swear he's at least 6 feet tall. But I know better.

She said he was real nice. Very personable and friendly. I'm sure that'd be the case until I got hauled away for violation of a restraining order.

Sean Astin #1

So close... GAH!!

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NO ONE KNOWS - Reprise

So I was thinking about my last post... I don't mean to imply anyone taking the quiz doesn't know me or isn't a good friend of mine if they don't know something. It was more for my own curiosity how much people know about my life because I talk about things deeper than just my favorite song or a good movie I watched. More for my benefit, than a friend gauge.
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The internet is a peculiar place. You can learn a lot about someone and never have met them. I've been reading Pamie's blog for a few years now. She has a great sense of humor. She is a writer, living in L.A. She's worked on TV shows such as Mind of Mencia, Hot Properties, and most recently Samantha Who. She's written a couple books. All that stuff you could easily find out from IMDb. But she also is from Texas. Her father is deceased. She has one sister. She has video footage of something called the "muppet blowjob" that she took at a friend's wedding.

This is the fascinating part about the internet. Some people blog and put their life out there for others to read. And when they do read, you hopefully learn a little bit about them. Even if all you've learned is that they like to watch YouTube and fill out memes.

There are a handful of blogs that I read that I enjoy because not only are they funny or touching or enlightening. They also are sincere. They are telling a story; basically writing their autobiography to one day be published.

If was to meet some of these people that I read about, I wonder if I would feel that I know them in the same way. Using as a reference again... is she just as witty in person?

Which got me thinking. I wonder how different I am perceived online as to in person. Now obviously, those of you who know me in real life have an advantage or perhaps even a unique perspective. Even then, I wonder how close does my blog walk along the line of aloof internet blogger vs. personal exploration.

So I thought I'd put together a little quiz. It's mainly asking questions about things that I've talked about or are a little deeper than just superficial "What's my favorite color" type things. How well do you think you know me based on what you read? How much do I share about myself. Put your score in the comments if you'd like.

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Damn... I love this song!


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So this article totally pisses me off. It comes off as very superficial and shallow. Citing the King Of Queens as an example of a mismatch couple, an attractive woman with a less-than-attractive man. (Kevin James unattractive? wtf?) But seriously... putting sexual preference and celebrity couples aside... when you look at real life couples you can find 'mismatched' pairs all over the place. Maybe he's dating out of his league. Maybe she's a pauper dating a prince. Outward appearance 'mismatches' (this word is starting to really bother me) are, obviously, more noticeable, but I would think that personality 'mismatches' are more common.

In my opinion, the article is insinuating that if ugly doesn't find ugly or is pretty doesn't find pretty then somehow the universe is askew.

Universe: "Dammit... there goes another one of my Pretties. Now who am I going to find to date this loser?"

Now of course not everyone thinks this way. Not everyone has a set of match-making rules that they have to follow. You hear just as many successes involving opposites attracting as you do same-type successes.

The article touches on the how it's more common for women to keep up on beauty regimens. So you are more than likely to notice an less-than-attractive guy with a pretty woman. The flip side being there are not enough metrosexual men for women to flaunt. Now the truth of such a statement is open to debate if you honest have nothing better to do. To me that just goes to support the superficial attitude that you have to look a certain way. Like most things in life, there needs to be moderation. Enough commonalities and differences to make a good balance. In the end, beauty is skin deep; money is fleeting; status and influence wane.

Am I so naive to think that such high school-like tendencies should disappear after high school?


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It's that time of year. I wanted to make a somewhat cliche "What I'm Thankful For" post.

Overall, even tho I complain... a LOT. I really don't have much to actually complain about. I have a job, thankfully... after months of looking. Thanks Brenda. I have good friends who are willing to call me on my shit. Thanks Mike. You too Bryan. I have a bunch of great friends, some that I've known for years and some that I've only recently met. You know who you are. Besides there's too many of you all to mention. I'm thankful that I have someone who loves me for me, that I can be my dorky self around. Thanks Mark! I have a family who drives me crazy, but I'm thankfully for a lot of the choices that they made when I was too young to make them for myself. And even tho I put my grandmother on the spot a few hours before Thanksgiving dinner many years ago, by telling her I was gay... she still talks to me.

It wasn't anything as comedic or dramatic as this clip from Will & Grace... thankfully.

I hope that everyone has a very good Thanksgiving holiday! Remember, no matter who you are... there is at least one person who is thankful that you are a part of their life.

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I'd say it's about 90% accurate.


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Thanks Paolo for the title suggestion... "How deep is your love?"

I like to cook. This is my latest creation. I turned out quite tasty if I do say so myself.

Romesco Dip

Where For Art Thou Romesco Dip

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It's hard for me when I find a song that I like and then my feelings toward the song change when I see a bad video or some crazy-ass behavior by the band.

The new iPod commercials got me looking for a song. "Music is my boyfriend"... and I find this.

The Hidden CamerasMusic Is My Boyfriend
...which is hilarious. I've already downloaded it. Great song! But not what I was looking for.

When what I was looking for was this...

...and let's be honest. I've coughed up more interesting things. I really didn't want to see a Puffy Jessica Alba Family Band.

So I've resorted to this... Curse you Apple!

Tho, feel free to 'listen' to the video and pretend the people singing are WAY cooler than they actually are.

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Things you might (or might not) know about me: #8

I don't take hints well. Seriously... I don't. Not that I'm dumb or oblivious. It's typically because I over-analyze what was said and by the time I figure out what was meant the moment has passed. Straight forward works best with me.

Along those same lines, I think I'm subtle, but I'm probably not. If I don't take hints well, I probably can't give them either.

Thank you.

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Mark and I recently took in a performance of Spamalot. I was looking forward to seeing it. I've been a long time fan of Monty Python movies and the BBC series. While I am a music fan, Mark is the musical fan. He has exposed me to a lot of shows and music related to them. One song I was really looking forward to hearing was The Diva's Lament, a song that I heard sung by Sara Ramirez (currently of Grey's Anatomy fame). I was not disappointed. In The Lady Of The Lake's performance that is. She was probably the best thing about the show.

Right before the show I heard from someone who had also been to Spamalot. He informed me there were a LOT of Monty Python movie reference. Now while I am a fan, it's been a while since I've seen any of the movies. Overall I don't think my familiarity (or lack of) really was an issue. Tho it was clear to us that virtually everyone else in the audience watch The Holy Grail moments before showtime.

So what did I think? It was good. I enjoyed myself a lot. Our seats were decent tho we were high enough up that my ADD kept watching the stagehands and performers preparing to go on as the got into place behind various set pieces. I was surprised how many references from various Monty Python movies there were. And they fit in seamlessly. If this was the only Monty Python exposure that you had you wouldn't know the difference.

The lead character of King Arthur was once played by Tim Curry. The guy who played Arthur in this performance was channeling Tim Curry. Which... can be good or bad. I kind of wish he'd put his own spin on it, rather than try and be someone.

Prior to the show, Mark and I watched a program where various performers talked about big budget, heavily produced shows vs. small cast, small set shows. Various stars talked about how one was good and the other bad. They took up positions on both sides. This played out interestingly when you think about the last couple of shows we'd watched.

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee was small cast and pretty minimal set-up when you compare it to the elaborate sets of Spamalot. Spamalot, rightfully so, comes off like a Vegas stage show. It's supposed to be over the top. It's supposed to be wild and oturageous. What happened, strangely enough, is that I left not really feeling like I did know any of the characters. You could make the argument that you're not supposed to 'know' the characters on a personal level. You're supposed to laugh and have a good time. And I did! So the show succeeded. I can see how these type of shows are polarizing. You might end up in one camp or the other. I would think that a show that could have big production value and let you walk away with a feeling of personal knowledge of the characters would be a big hit across the board.

The show definitely made me want to watch my Monty Python movies again. Meaning Of Life, here I come!


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Guess what game has been recently purchased? I'll give you a hint... It's not Hello Kitty's Magic Picnic Party

Rockin' In To The Night

Rockin' Out Is Serious Business

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I'm not one to really talk politics much for some very simple reasons. I don't feel that I have a strong political base of knowledge from which to drawn on. I usually inform myself on some issue before I vote. Yet, all the posturing and mud-slinging really gets old fast. I don't have the mid or the patience for most of it. Yet, I am entertained by some parts of it.

One thing that does interest me is how the candidates approach a debate, political ad, or public appearance. I love seeing the angle that they take when approaching a group of constituents. How will they win them over? Which mainly comes down to spin doctors. I am fascinated by the public relation teams of politicians. Hollywood entertainers have just as fascinating PR teams. One might argue that politics and entertainment are not strange bed fellows. So why should their handlers be any different?

Reading a recent article about Mitt Romney his political advisers have told him not to draw attention to the fact that he is a Mormon. I find this hilarious. He seems to be taking it good-naturedly and in stride. Sure, perhaps he might squeak by a primary with some voters being unaware of relgious beliefs. But really... who is that benefiting? If someone isn't going to vote for him based on his relgious affiliation, do you think they are going to be to happy with him if he was to be elected president? It seems a bit deceptive.

Sure it's not something that is visible from the outside, like skin color or gender. But I would think that most of the voting world would want to know. Do they care? Maybe. Maybe not. But for those that it does matter to, I think it is obviously an important part of the puzzle.

Politicians are public figures who end up having their entire life examined under a microscope. There is very little that you could hide from the investigating eyes of your rivals public relations team.

I couldn't be in public relations, myself. I don't have the personality. But I do love hearing how things are presented. It's all in how you look at a situation. How can you make that half-empty glass look half-full? In some situation, this might be seen as have a positive disposition. Other times, it might be viewed as delusional or deluded. Personally, I find this part of the dance entertaining.


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Just some random things that have been on my mind.

- Work is ok. Waiting for the feeling of "I Have No Clue What Is Going On" to fade. Yet everyone tells me the are honestly impressed and I sound like I've been doing the job for a couple years. I have them all fooled.

- I think dishwasher manufacturers have us all hoodwinked. Washing your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher, where they will be washed? I call shenanigans.

- Yay! Amazing Race is back!

- I love Heroes and Hiro. But is anyone else really giving a rat's ass about Hiro in the past? Feh...

- YAY SPAMALOT this Friday!

- All I want to do is cuddle up on the couch with Mark.

- The only Stephen King story to ever give me nightmares is now a movie. Joy...

- I don't get Criss Angel.

- Better name for a Guitar Hero band... Kneesex or Sexlexia?

- Sometimes I selfishly think it really is about me, when that couldn't be further from the truth. I have to remind myself of that every now and again.

- Hayden Panttierre + Dolphins = Save The Cute Ones. Save The World.


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Going to and getting off of work when it's still dark sucks balls. And not in a good way.

Damn you Daylight Saving Time!


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Ok... so I totally ganked this from another blog, but I liked the song so much I wanted to pass it along. Also it really fits my mood right now. After a couple stressful days at work I am ready for the weekend to begin. Listening to this song I can't help but start to groove.

The Weekend by Michael Gray

This video also confirms my gayness. When I'm not grooving to the music I'm looking at the interesting strappy bikini thinking that must be a pain to put on and not get a random arm or leg stuck.

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I'm a 30-something student of human nature. A music-lovin', groove-shakin', laugh-inducin', dish-cookin', gossip-slingin', type of guy. This is my diary of sorts...

100 Things
How Well Do You Know Me?


Olbermann: Gay marriage is a question of love
Gay ex-governor says he's too poor for alimony
-Barack’s Gay Balance
Calif. Supreme Court rejects gay marriage ban
-Where the Bears don't fear to tread
ABBA Melody


"The Day I Helped Kill A Baby" - Joe.My.God.
"Summertime Blues" - Tomato Nation
"Mama Crazy" -
"Something I Will Never Forget" -
"OMG! It's a teenager." - Does This Mean...
"The God of Comedy Setup Lines" - Frolic & Detour
"Can't Handle The Tooth" - Hissyfit

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