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Oddly enough the personality results couldn't be more opposite of how most of these kind of things come out.


There are many different types of tests on the internet today. Personality tests, purity tests, stereotype tests, political tests. But now, there is one test to rule them all.

Traditionally, online tests would ask certain questions about your musical tastes or clothing for a stereotype, your experiences for a purity test, or deep questions for a personality test.We're turning that upside down - all the questions affect all the results, and we've got some innovative results too! Enjoy :-)

You are more logical than emotional, more concerned about others than concerned about self, more atheist than religious, more loner than dependent, more lazy than workaholic, more traditional than rebel, more engineering mind than artistic mind, more cynical than idealist, more leader than follower, and more extroverted than introverted.
As for specific personality traits, you are romantic (71%), adventurous (63%), innovative (57%).

Prep (85%)
Punk Rock (73%)
Old Geezer (67%)

Sex (33%)
Substances (22%)
Travel (24%)

Your political views would best be described as Liberal, whom
you agree with around 64% of the time.

Your attitude toward life best associates you with Middle Class.
You make more than 77% of those who have taken this test,
and 24% less than the U.S. average.

If your life was a movie, it would be rated PG-13.
By the way, your hottness rank is 62%, hotter than 55% of other test takers.


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I've been looking for a new song/video to put on the sidebar. There is a Mates Of State song, "For The Actor" that is being used right now for a commercial. I love the song, plus it's pretty cool to say that I've seen them perform live.

I've probably talked about MoS before. I've known about them since the free Napster days. They were White Stripes before there were any Stripes at all. A husband and wife duo (drums & keyboards respectively) who really know how to put on a great show. I personally enjoy them because I love trying to pick out the piano part to play.

For The Actor is the latest song that I've been plunking out. Thus my current love of it.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a full length video of the song on you tube (if one exists). But thanks to the magic of cellphones you can see their concert I was at.

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Phrases that could be great joke set-ups #11:

"I can count the number of porns I've watched on one hand."


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Almost ten years ago the story of a boy wizard came to life in the pages of a little book called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I didn't pick up the book then because it was a kids book. Nevermind the fact that all the moms I worked with were also reading it. I worked over night. Reading at 3am would just put me to sleep. I wasn't really into it.

Before you know it everyone was reading the damned thing. Then another came out. Then another. Then a movie was tossed in there somewhere. The first movie was good. I can see what the allure was. It was imaginative. Entertaining. Everyone can get behind a basic Good vs. Evil plot.

By now, I'd not read any of the books and they were coming out to much anticipation. You'd stand in line. Buy the book. Read it within a couple days and then have to wait another 18 months for another one to come out. Ol' J.K. really knew what she was doing. Or someone in her marketing department did.

And now the the final book is out. Many already know how it ends. I on the other hand do not...

I just started reading the series earlier this year. I flew threw book one, two, and three. Four held me up a bit. I raced threw five before the movie. Six went pretty quickly. And now I have seven in my hands.

Mark has been great about not spoiling anything for me. In fact he's been a little too good. I can't even ask a question about it. Even tho I know a couple major plot points that happen in book seven, he is unwilling to confirm or deny the existence of such point in the book.

This is not new for us tho. Since most people had either read the book or seen the movies spoilers for the first 5 movies/6 books floated freely on the internet. They weren't even considered spoilers by now. So there were many plot points in the books that I was already aware of. I don't think Mark was happy about me knowing a lot of things before I'd read them in the book. Even though it wasn't my fault. I wasn't thinking about dating a Reader almost ten years ago.

My ability to be spoiled (and conversely unspoiled) is dodgy depending on what the topic is. With television shows like Lost or Heroes I love to find out what is going to happen. Television seems to be rather tricky to predict. So many spoilers about TV shows are way off. Even then it's not so much the destination as it is the journey. So we know that a main character is going to die. But who... and how?

Movies are a little different. The Sixth Sense would've been ruined had I known the outcome going into it. But The Lord Of The Rings was not. You presume Spider-man or Batman will save the day in the end. But how? These type of movies I'm ok with knowing the ending.

Yet here I am with Harry Potter. About 600 pages to go and I am both curious and somewhat carefree about finding out the ending. I think that since I didn't spend the better part of a decade reading and waiting to read these books I don't have the same build up to a grand climax as some. I've had the luxury of reading them all in the span of a few months.

For those curious about a secret from book seven... Check the comments.


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Do you think the photographer knew what he was decapitating this woman when he took her photo?


Or maybe he is just a Futurama fan...

nasa pam

Or perhaps she is the new Head of NASA. Get it?! Oh, it's always great when I make myself laugh.

nasa head

*thanks Mike

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I'm always entertained by personality tests. It's the student of human nature in me.

I've taken many personality tests in my time. One thing that I'm always curious about is how accurate they are. Not that I expect it to predict or explain anything. Yet the curiosity is there. It's my astrology.

I'm not really surprised by the results. I am a Confidant, INFJ. I wonder if someone else took the same test but answered the questions about me would it give the same results? Do others see me as INFJ? Am I being accurate in my view of myself?

"INFJs are gentle, caring, complex and highly intuitive individuals. Artistic and creative, they live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities. Only one percent of the population has an INFJ Personality Type, making it the most rare of all the types."

I would say that I am artistic and creative. I like to think that I am intuitive, even tho I may not always be right about my intuitions.

"INFJs have uncanny insight into people and situations. They get "feelings" about things and intuitively understand them. "

Once again, I would like to think I am insightful. I think that is part of the reason I enjoy counseling as much as I do. I enjoy sharing insight that I may have.

"Because the INFJ has such strong intuitive capabilities, they trust their own instincts above all else."

I try to do this, but I think that I have issues trust myself sometimes.

"In the workplace, the INFJ usually shows up in areas where they can be creative and somewhat independent. They have a natural affinity for art, and many excel in the sciences, where they make use of their intuition. INFJs can also be found in service-oriented professions."

Hrm... Counseling?

Other INFJ's: Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, Oprah, and Tom Selleck.

One of these things is not like the other... One of these things just isn't the same...

My top three type of intelligences aren't really a surprise.

Musical - People with musical intelligence are musically gifted and have a "good ear" for rhythm and composition.

This I would say is true without a doubt. I always have a song in my head. I'm always tapping out a tune on the steering wheel. I've noteiced when I walk with my iPod going that I suddenly walk in time with the music if I can.

Visual/Spatial - People with Visual intelligence are good at remembering images and aware of surroundings.

This can be debated as I've gotten lost in big cities on several occasions. In my defense I will say that it is my overconfidence in my ability that has gotten me in trouble. I am good with maps. I can easily visualize how I need to get where I need to go. But such ease doesn't mean, that I don't need to consult maps. That I can just put my ear to the ground and find the North Star based on what side of a tree moss grows on. This is where I run into trouble. Because sometimes I think I can...

Verbal/Linguistic - People with Linguistic intelligence are naturally good with writing or speaking and memorization.

This one surprises me a little. I enjoy writing. I far from good at it. But I enjoy it. I like to think I'm a word geek. I've owned a Scrabble flip calendar.

So then would you say I'm anything like these descriptions?


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Who doesn't love a good personality test?! Especially when it involves fun graphics!

Click to view my Personality Profile page


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Deep question for the day.

If you are bilingual, when you think about something what language do you think in?

When we have those internal monologues with ourselves is it in the same language that we typically speak?

Do deaf people think in sign language?


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So what did you do on Friday?

Me? Well, I stood in line with 1000 of my new closest friends to by a book. Or maybe you'd like to think of it like this. I took part in what is probably one of the biggest notable events of the year. If not one of the biggest literal events ever. I stood in line at Borders to purchase the seventh and final Harry Potter book in the series. It's not even for me.

Love is...Allow me to explain. Many weeks ago Mark reserved a copy Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Then just a few days ago he decided to get a copy for his niece who had been feeling down. A very nice Uncley thing to do. His copy was reserved at Borders, but by the time he wanted to reserve a copy for his niece it was too late to get one there. So Barnes & Nobles it was.

We found out on the night of the release party that both places were handing out wristbands to those who had reserved copies. The wristbands would determine the order in which you could enter the building and buy the book. B&N opted for a concise numbered system while Borders went for the colorfully complex system of color groups who were numerically ordered within each color group. Confused? So was I.

Mark took up a spot at B&S and I was at Borders wading through the throngs of costumed revelers. There were a LOT of people dressed up in Potter paraphernalia. A red and yellow stripped scarf here. A pointed hat there. Most people carried wands. Many were in suit jacket-type school uniforms. Pop-bottle glasses. Costumes relating to the book I can understand. Yet, some took this as an opportunity to wear just any old costume they could find. Many girls were in princess dresses. Some came in goth make-up and fangs. Which I am suspecting was just amped up versions of their daily-wear. One goth-couple brought their child and strolled about the store. The mom with whitened face with dark eyes and black/blue ragdoll dreadlocks. A Potter-fan with her camera stopped them and asked if she could take her picture. "I love your costume," she said. I had my suspicions about how much was costume and how much was simply 'Friday night'.

One child was strolling around the parking lot in his sheer 'Invisibility Cloak'. I wonder if I was driving and hit him, that I could claim I didn't see him because he was invisible?

A put my foot in my mouth when I pointed out a man who had only one good eye. "Oh that guy came dressed as Mad Eye Moody," the one-eyed surly guardian in a few of the later book. Upon closer inspection I realized it wasn't a costume... Sorry Mad Eye.

There were a LOT of nerds. Seriously... I'm a geek so I'm not trying to distance myself in anyway. I'm just saying... There were a LOT of nerds. Literary nerds at that. Perhaps it was the store location, but there was definitely a Carnival Of Souls feel to the place.

As Midnight approached, Borders strategy began. Based on your colored wrist band we were grouped into various sections of the store (or outside the store as I was). Due to not knowing the wristbands were being used until the last minute, I ended up in the last group to get a book. This was good and bad. Ok well mainly bad. But it was at least entertaining which was sorta good.

In line, in front of me was a young mom and her two children. The oldest of which was about 4th grade. The younger girl couldn't be bothered to stand for more than five minutes at a time and frequently looked for places to sit. Curbs. Vehicle bumpers. Her mothers feet. In the meantime the older boy quizzed the local area of the line if we thought Snape was a good guy or a bad guy. "I'm not buying it for me. I don't even read Star Wars." He was not amused.

Even better was the impish moppet in line behind me. Her parents gave her a chai to drink, not foreseeing the possible side effects of sugar on a four year old. This played out most comically when her older brother began talking about his friends love of rap music. The little girl chimed in, "He also like naked Barbies." The mom stifled a laugh and shushed her. "Yeah, you don't need to tell us about that." The little girl followed up with, "Why Mom? It's ok. I'm not telling family secrets this time."

Uh... Ok. Now I'm curious. Because you know this has been an issue before. And what family secrets was she telling? Out of the mouths of babes...

I procured a couple Borders-brand glow sticks along the way. Because nothing says bookstore rave like a Borders glow stick. Now all I need is to snort a line of coke off a David Sedaris hardback and I'm set. Bring on the party boys!!

The crowd was too much for one woman who was taken away by ambulance before the book even went on sale. Can you imagine waiting so long only to be carted away before you can even get a book. Was it worth it? As she was led out by EMT's I tried to see if she had a better color wristband. Maybe I could get it from her.

While I waited, people were driving by saying where you could buy books with no waiting. Nearby grocery stores, mainly... But without anyway to be sure, I wasn't about to lose my place in line. One woman in line commented that she didn't care if you could get it somewhere else. She was there for the experience. To a certain extent I agree with her. While I didn't hold the book to the same must-have standard that most of the other did, there was a stranger camaraderie amongst these people. Talking to complete strangers about characters that you've read about over the past ten years. Pets have been named. Kids bedrooms have been decorated with Potter posters. Some of the kids in line weren't even born when the first book came out.

Then it became clear that my place in line was just a red herring. Our 'group' was really just a single file line. We were told that on our colored bracelets were numbers and we'd enter the store by numbers. Seriously? Apparently they tried the straight forward numbering system last book and it was a mess. Considering Mark had his book and was back to Borders before I was even IN the store... I'm thinking the numbering system might not have been a bad idea.

Love is...Once inside, it was like a rat maze. Follow the line on the floor up the stairs and cross the path of people going down the stairs. Creating misdirection and confusion. Walk around the 2nd floor to the back where the storeroom is. Pick up your book. Head back downstairs. Crossing the line once again. Wind your way around the first floor til you get to the checkout line. Somewhere I swear I hear Benny Hill music playing and Keystone cops running around.

At 130 in the morning I left Borders with book, complimentary poster, and glow sticks in hand. Mark was waiting outside and we quickly made our way home. By Sunday, much to my surprise he managed to go a full 24 hours without reading the book. I know it was difficult for him.

Now overall there were some logistic issues that could have helped us out. Like getting both books at B&N or getting wristbands earlier. But what kind of a blog entry would that make?

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It's been a full weekend so let's get started, shall we?

Friday night Mark and I went to a musical put on by a local community playhouse. A couple of Mark's friends were starring in it. We've been to plays before at this place. It's a quaint small performing theater that usually puts on lesser known (to me) productions. This one was called A... My Name Is Alice.

It was described to me as the Vagina Monologues with music. I was weary... Let's be honest. The vagina is definitely not my forte and while I'm all for the empowerment of women, I was unsure about how this would play out in drama-form.

As we took our seats I perused the song/scene list to see how many performances Mark's friends were in. All Girl Band started us off and was fun enough. I like all girl bands. The Bangles. The Donnas. The Go-Gos. When I spotted "For Women Only Poem" I became worried. There were very few men in the audience. And the ones that there were had been accompanied by a female. Would we be kicked out for not having a guide with us?

The song I Sure Like The Boys brightened my outlook. I can relate. When I asked Mark if I could stand up and give a supportive and sympathetic "Me too!" when she sang, I was told "no". I'm unfamiliar with the proper etiquette of musicals.

In the end it was the For Women Only Poems (yes there were a few) that stood out as the funniest scenes. A woman who bore a striking resemblance to Kristen Johnson from Third Rock From The Sun fame would beatnik her way through a few lines of free verse before ending on a comical note of acting out a flightless bird, or dying plant, or most comically, a honking swan. I understand that this is definitely something that doesn't translate well into print. But trust me... when a seemingly bitter young woman starts squawking at the top of her lungs and pantomimes the motions of water fowl... it's funny shit.

By the end, I didn't hate my penis. Nor do I think anyone else in the audience hated my penis either. It was more pro-woman than anti-man than my original thoughts led me to believe. But that still didn't stop Mark or I from picking a bar fight just to reaffirm our manhood.

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"Does she have hairy legs? I mean so hairy that you can see how hairy from a distance?"


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Sometime I wonder if I have any personal boundaries in sharing things on this blog. The answer is no.

Having said that, let me start off this story by asking you to keep in mind... he is alright!

My Grandfather had an accident the other day. He fell down a half-flight of stairs and somehow managed not to break anything. He is currently spending a few days in an assisted living home while he re-coops. Which is good for both my Grandfather and my Grandmother, who also can use the break from caring for him.

I got a call from my Grandmother with the news of the accident. I'm to the point in my life (well, their life technically speaking) that when she initiates a phone call it usually means something bad. She doesn't call to talk. She calls to check in, which I appreciate. I'm just saying... Phone call = Bad. I was unable to get to the phone, but seeing she called I didn't bother to listen to the message. I just called her back. When she answered the phone she started in about the situation as tho I'd already listened to the message. I hadn't. In repeat, she explains that as my Grandfather was making his way downstairs he fell half way down. She doesn't know if he missed a step, collapsed, slipped, or how it happened exactly.

She helped him up. Bandaged him up and got him back upstairs where the sat down and had lunch.

Now... I understand that if someone says to you that they're fine that you might be inclined to believe. But in a situation like this where you are having trouble stopping the bleeding, sitting down to lunch doesn't seem like the highest priority. My Grandmother's explanation was that he said he was fine and rather than argue with him about she just helped get him up and bandaged. I don't expect her to know about how shock and adrenaline from an accident can temporarily mask any pain you might have. Or how a broken bone doesn't have to be poking through the skin to be broken. Cracked ribs. Internal bleeding. You get the idea.

None of that stuff happened. Like I said... he is alright. I'm not looking to fault anyone. I'm just pointing out the comical.

So they had lunch and by this point he was starting to feel the pain in his back. She took him to the hospital where the stitched him up (which explains why she couldn't stop the bleeding). The exam showed nothing broken. No concussion. Nothing out of the ordinary other than needing some stitches and pain meds. This to me is incredible. It's a testament to the stout European blood that runs in my family. Here he is, 86 years old, 50-year smoker, heart surgery patient for a pacemaker, who just tumbled down some steps and didn't break anything?! He is the youngest of five siblings and his oldest sister is approaching 100!

If anyone wants to know where I get my stubbornness from, I think we have a winner.

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I got my degree in King via microwaveable cookie! Thanks Borman Academy!

Borman Academy

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Strap yourself in for this brief musical interlude.

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I have a problem with stereotypes. I know I've discussed this before, but I think it is worth revisiting. Shows like Queer Eye For The Straight Guy have been around for a while now. It's not uncommon to have a talk show with a gay correspondant talking about fashion or design or how to throw sexy parties. I can see the appeal. Perhaps "fun gays" are less threatening to television audiences because you don't have to think about them going home to their boyfriends/partners/husbands and 'disrupting morality' four times over the weekend.

I don't say this and pretend that I don't enjoy shows like What Not To Wear. I understand there is a fine line of hypocrisy that I am walking here. I am still processing this, but I think my issue is people flaunting their gayness for the sake of popularity.

Exhibit A: Ask A Gay Man

Is Willam Sledd funny? Yes. He has his fashion opinions which are presented in a very entertaining way. But I question his popularity amongst the You Tube crowd because he is funny, or gay, or stereotypical. He's popular enough that he's been mentioned on The View and featured in several magazine articles. This latest article on Yahoo even starts out by stating part of the reason I question all this. "Does the world need another gay fashion guru telling us how to dress?" Are there enough already? If you have to question whether 'another' one is needed I think it's fair to say that some gay stereotypes are becoming a supernova threatening to collapse in on itself.

Would a twink mechanic flouncing about a garage be taken seriously? Would a serious stone-faced bearish fashionista be taken seriously?

It seems like if there is a role to fill that certain types of gay men are the ones filling that role. And I can figure out if it is because what the entertainment industry thinks it's what is popular or if that is really waht the public wants to see.

Or maybe I'm just filling the role of the angry gay man.

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So Mark and I went to Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix. I've been feverishly reading the whole series this year in anticipation of two things. The fifth movie and the seventh book. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to read the book before seeing the movie. I understand that there are always major differences between movie and book. Things left out. Sub-plots changed to fit time constraints I get that.

So if you don't want to know anything about the movie... stop reading now!

The movie is over two hours long. Be prepared. Though, it really doesn't feel like it.

The acting is probably some of the best that I've seen from this cast. The main three kids seem to have a lot of chemistry. Tho the parts of Ron and Hermione seem way smaller than in previous movies. Imelda Stauton is AWESOME in her role as Umbridge. In the book you know she is a juxtaposition of cruelty and kindness. Fighting for the cause even tho she is fighting the wrong cause.

Several people unfortunately have smaller roles as well. I would've loved to see more of McGonagall and Dumbledore. Tho in the book, Dumbledore has a small but vital part. New characters.. (Character really) Luna Lovegood. Her part in the book is small, but vital. In the movie her vital role is different. It is mainly to remind you that Harry, while seemingly an outsider and alone, is actually just as sane as everyone else. He has just had a different path to walk than the others.

Oh and Luna rocks... she is fucking hilarious in her easily mistaken vacant expression. She is actually very observant.

Reading the book, I didn't feel like I cared about any of the characters. No one really seemed to be likeable. Everyone for the majority of the book is in a bad mood, with good reason. I felt a lot more sympathetic to the same people seeing them in the movie.

I've heard that the movie is rushed. I would agree, but I think that it is unavoidable. This is one of the longest books. Most of the movies have had a good progression of time over the course of the school year. This movie... not so much. You really don't know how much time has passed from scene to scene.

This movie is definitely darker! It's teen angst set in film.

I feel like it was well worth seeing on the big screen.

And now I can read the sixth book.


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I swear I'm not a Drama Queen, but I won't say that I am not dramatic. And with the occasionally drama comes the occasionally pity party. I can tell that it's been building all week. Seriously, if men have PMS I think this is my time of the month.

ANYWAY... Today was one of those days that I just needed a few It'll Be Okay's and You'll Do It's.

So I just wanted to give a public acknowledgment of it.

<3 U Mark


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Things I Don't Need To Hear Said In The Hallway #8:
"After having four kids, I have to be sure to cross my legs when I sneeze."

Things I Don't Need To Hear Said In The Hallway #9:
"You guys are free to go. The pigs feet are still frozen. I tried to microwave them, but they started to smell. No one is going to want to use that microwave again."

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Otherwise titled: I Hate Cox Cable and Why You Should Too

Let me start off by saying that I have been a loyal customer for the last 10 years. You would think that in ten years of service that when I move that I wouldn't have to pay a deposit on activation in a new place. Why the deposit you may ask? Because you know I did. When I called I was told that there are ratings that customers have. Paying late, of course, gets you a low rating. Paying on time gets you a moderate rating. No deposits are a 'bonus' for those who pay early. Like... before you even GET a statement early. Of course I can get this deposit back. Only if I request it after two years of service. It is not automatically given back.

Perhaps you live in an area where you see constant rate hike of cable prices. There are plenty of commercials on air right now even poking fun at it. That alone is enough to drive a person batty. Unfortunately, I have little choice in my current set-up. My apartment is cable-ready for Cox Communications. If I was even able to have any other service in there I would have pay for wiring and installation which is just not an option financially.

The latest issue is a bit more problematic. For the last month (at least) my cable dvr box (or TiFaux as I call it) will reboot unexpectedly. Sometimes it would come back automatically. Sometimes I had to call customer support to have them fix it. Recently I tried hooking up my VCR in addition to my TiFaux. This apparently is not recommended by Cox Communications. Why? My guess is they want you to use their service totally. Who needs a VCR when you can have a DVR. Oh wait... maybe it's because the TiFaux doesn't work consistently. I make at least a call a week to tech support asking them to fix the box. The automated phone 'knows' me now. Noting that I've recently called about an issue and asking if it still occuring. I would think that if it knows that much, and it's still a problem that it would transfer me to a live person.

Sidenote: I know they ways to get to live people but that's not the point.

Once I get to a live person they walk me through similar steps that the automated service tries. Again, sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. As of this last call over the weekend my cable box would not record, there is no guide, and playback is sometimes not available. This is unacceptable.

A technician is finally dispatched to take a look at the problem in person. I am informed by the CSR that I may be charged a fee for the visit if it is determined to not be an issue with their equipment. As Lloyd would say... Fuck that noise. What else would it be?

[an Anvil of Foreshadowing looms over the VCR]

The tech shows up bright and early and semi-unannounced. There was supposed to be an automated confirmation call. This didn't happen. After one knock he was already heading back to his van. It was 8am! I was asleep and expecting a phone call first!

Once in, he was courteous and helpful in explaining what he was finding and what he was trying to do to solve the issue. Much like a doctor or nurse is trained to explain what they are doing to you as they go along. He noticed the VCR and explained that their system is not meant to be used in conjunction with VCRs (See my theory above). He unhooked the VCR and tried again. It still wasn't working. Suddenly I felt vindicated that my VCR was not the issue. Try and service charge me now!

He swapped out the TiFaux box for another. Still not working. Hrm... curious. If it's not the box that is the problem maybe it's something in the line coming into the apartment. Another test... No. That seemed fine as well. Perhaps it is their signal that is having issues getting even TO my apartment to begin with. Well by the time he came to this diagnosis his I-might-be-there-between-eight-and-ten window was closing. It was almost ten and he had other appointments. Unacceptable! His patch solution was to hook the cable directly to the TV. So no TiFaux. No recording ability. No playback ability. And I'm paying for what again?

I was told that a maintainence worker would be out to check the wiring leading up to the apartment. Asking if I would need to be there for it. He looked at me confused. Slower this time... Would. I. Need. To. Be. Home. For. The. Maintainence. Visit? He didn't believe so.

Well guess what... I should've been home. Maintainence was there and gone and couldn't find anything wrong with their signal and wanted to come in and check my TiFaux.


I was aware of the visit because they called me to let me know they had stopped by (after the fact) and that I should call to schedule a follow-up visit.

Flames... on the side of my face.

The earliest they can make a return visit is Friday... This means a whole week without useage of their box which I pay for. On top of however many other hours of service I've missed out on as a result of their service interruption

Angry letters are already being sent.

Normally I would say some of this is just PMS realted (Poor Me Syndrome) but honestly... this is bullshit. I am not the first one to complain in most instances. It really has to be something important for me to raise my voice in protest. And this is douchery. (Mike © 2007) If I wadn't worried about legal repercussions I'd take a cue from the Simpsons. Though I think Lisa's fear of retribution might be a bit extreme for this situation.

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Because I don't post enough some may say... <3

How's about this for a post?

The intro alone is worth watching.

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Seeking applicants for a Pop Culture Trivia Team. Must be familiar with random tidbits of knowledge including, but not limited to: Celebrity Feuds, Lyrics, Movie Plots, and TV.

Goal: 2008 World Series of Pop Culture



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I'm a 30-something student of human nature. A music-lovin', groove-shakin', laugh-inducin', dish-cookin', gossip-slingin', type of guy. This is my diary of sorts...

100 Things
How Well Do You Know Me?


Olbermann: Gay marriage is a question of love
Gay ex-governor says he's too poor for alimony
-Barack’s Gay Balance
Calif. Supreme Court rejects gay marriage ban
-Where the Bears don't fear to tread
ABBA Melody


"The Day I Helped Kill A Baby" - Joe.My.God.
"Summertime Blues" - Tomato Nation
"Mama Crazy" -
"Something I Will Never Forget" -
"OMG! It's a teenager." - Does This Mean...
"The God of Comedy Setup Lines" - Frolic & Detour
"Can't Handle The Tooth" - Hissyfit

F6 l c f+++! g+ m++ s(e)

B6 d- t k+ s u-- f i o+ x e+ l+ c

GSS d- s: a C++ W++ PS+ tv++ b+ e++ h- r++ y+

SMo/Ga/Ma A31 W+ H+ w h D+ E+ C++ e++ f Ma S+++

B3 f c-v g+ k? s--

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