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Before anyone gets too carried away and too drunk to remember how to point and click... I just wanted to wish everyone a very safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I hope your 2006 was good and your 2007 even better!!
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I just wanted to wish Jay a public Happy Birthday!

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I just remembered that I accomplished and task on my 101 List.

#94 was the read three books. Which may not seem like much to some people. Yet, I don't consider myself a reader. I really need to have a desire or strong motivation to finish a book. I can't finish a boring book for a sense of completion.

I did however read three books this year, none of which were my own.

I started out with Memoirs of a Geisha which I borrowed from Michaella. I wanted to finish the book before seeing the movie. I had no problem reading it as I am intrigued by Japanese culture and samurai life. Having just come off a marathon of Shogun, at the time, I was very eager to read this book.

The second and third books came almost back to back in the latter part of this year. Dan Brown's Angels & Demons followed by David Sedaris' Me Talk Pretty One Day.

Angels & Demons was an interesting book that I wanted to read, but I did find it to be the exact same as the more well known DaVinci Code. The overall plot was virtually identical. As a result I don't think I enjoyed it as much because I found it to be old. Now I probably would've said the same thing had I read them in the opposite order. Then I'd be saying The DaVinci Code was just a rehashing. (Which technically it is.)

Me Talk Pretty was a book I borrowed from CT that he had borrowed from his brother, who was living out of state and would be visiting for the holidays. So there was a time factor involved in reading it quickly and returning it. I sped through it and loved every page. I've been a fan of hearing his readings on NPR that Cherry Blossom Girl would point out to me. I think I'd picked up a book of his in Borders at some point, but had never bought one yet. Within the span of two weeks, I finished one book and was gifted another thanks to CT. So now I'm working on Sedaris' Naked. Though I won't finish it before the end of the year. So the tally stands at 3. Which means #94 can be crossed off the list.
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My first day back to work after the holidays.

So far I'm the only person here. I feel like I've showed up to a party on the wrong day.

I should've stayed in bed.
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I have returned from another Christmas with the family. Yet another year where I wonder if anyone else was to see my family in action if they'd ever question their sanity. Even my sanity... Date me? Sure. Wanna meet my family? Ok, but be warned. My family is a little eccentric.

Exhibit A:

My Grandparents are preparing for a household auction next Spring. At Thanksgiving she mentioned that my Grandfather had a bunch of old hats that he never wears anymore. I asked to see them to see if I can wear any. His old clothes were current at one time, but now they are the new retro. For Christmas she pulled out the hats from the closet to show me. She said I could have whatever I wanted, but not yet, she said trying to stifle a laugh.

Me: "What do you mean not yet?"
Her: "..."
Me: "Oh my God... you're waiting for him to die!"

Now, I understand that it helps to know my Grandmother. Let's see if I can sum up her humor without kill the joke. I don't know where I got my humor from, but it's certainly not from her. Monkeys on Regis don't do it for me like they would for her. Yet every so often she'll pull out a comedy bomb and just toss it into a room. Just like the mattress incident. When was she going to tell me that it's possible that someone died on it? After I'd taken it? Instead she just offers it and tries not to laugh in your face as you take the death-garb.

Exhibit B:

My Grandmother stopped hauling out the huge Christmas tree from the basement after I moved out. She opted for smaller tree that she could stand on the coffee table. As I sat in a chair near the miniature tree I looked at the color coordinated ornaments and garland noting a couple odd ornaments dangling on the back-side of the tree.

Me: "Why do you have a laptop and monitor hanging from the tree?"
Her: "A what?"

Not even knowing what they were, but knowing they were ornaments she hung then on the tree. Which is fine. I just question where she might have got them. Did she buy them as ornaments specifically? They are grey and really non-descript. Certainly not holiday related.

I comment that it looks nice and that I'm surprised she took the time to decorate it. Since it comes pre-strung with lights. She tells me that it's easy to decorate. She just saves time by putting a garbage bag over it and putting it in the spare bedroom.

... She's a genuis, I tell you.

Similarly she has started... collecting... fiber optic holiday displays. So not only was there the Christmas tree with the random laptop ornament, there was also the fiber optic tree and fiber optic poinsettia. The room was lit up and blinking constantly. It made it hard to carry on a conversation with all the distraction.

It was an ol' fashioned disco Christmas.

It's A Disco Christmas

more photos

Exhibit C:

There is nothing like walking in to a house and being greeted by the smell of a home-cooked meal. Ham. Turkey. Rolls. Corn. Casseroles. Potatoes.

While helping to put away the leftovers I asked where the Saran Wrap was. I had checked the pantry which is it's common residence.

Her: "It's in the freezer."
Me: "..."
Her: "It keeps it from sticking together."
Me: "..."
Her: "Rachel Ray said so?!"
Me: "Then both you and Rachel need your heads examined," as I struggled with the now chilled and still self-clingy Saran Wrap.

On the same note of food. She offered sugar cookies and pie for dessert. Now, if you know me, you know my affinity for the sugared-cookie. Yet, with my Grandmother there is a certain cautiousness to such an offer.

Do not be fooled by "I've got sugar cookies." Note that she does not say, "I made sugar cookies." Such a declaration should be followed by the question, "When were they made?" Because it is not uncommon for a cookie to have been made several years ago and put in the freezer for just such an occasion. Not that I expect her to bake fresh cookies every year. I do expect her to be up front about the date they were created.

Of course all this is meant tongue-in-cheek. I love my Grandmother and she knows it. But sometimes, you just can't prepare someone for such things. You can't keep such things to yourself. You must share in the warm memories of the Disco Christmas.

Mini Tree
more photos
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One of the worst feelings in the world?

Feeling like you shouldn't because logically there is no reason you should...
Letting something get to you when there is no good reason why it should bother you...
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If it ever comes up in future conversation... I would just like to say, please don't be That Guy.

Sars: Oh, no, it's all rugby nowadays. They play rugby with I Do The Outdoorsy Thing Because It Prevents Me From Sobbing Like A Little Girl About My Hairline Guy.

Alli: Who isn't fooling anyone.

Sars: No. And also at the rugby game? You'd Better Like My Friends Because You'll Never See Me Without Them Guy.

Alli: And after rugby, it's off to visit the one guy they couldn't get to come out with them -- I Don't Quite Live With My Parents But I Have All Their Old Furniture Guy, who slept in through the rugby game while his roommate, Gets All His Current Events Information From Watching Fox News While Eating Froot Loops Guy, kicked back in the living room.
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Well, I'm not exactly sure what to say about this other than... "RELEASE THE HOUNDS!!"

Haggard's Church Begins Hunt For Other 'Wrongdoers'

(Colorado Springs, Colorado) The church of disgraced pastor Ted Haggard is encouraging its members to blow the whistle on others in the mega church who have committed 'sexual indiscretions' or other misdeeds.
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So I haven't written an actual post in a while. It's not for a lack of anything to say. Well, in a way it is. Things have been fun, but busy lately. Finished up some Christmas shopping for and with Cute Teacher. I got my Christmas cards completed and sent out. Hopefully they'll all reach their destinations in time or at least before the new year. That's my goal. Get them in before January 1st.

Mike, Jen, and I have been continuing to do a show each week.

I've been reading. I just finished a book, that CT loaned me. Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris. I was trying to finish it before we had our Christmas exchange tonight. I'm looking forward to this. Like I've said before. My Christmas' haven't been exactly glorious in the past. It's a great feeling to have one on the horizon that is one I'm actually not dreading. You shouldn't dread spending a holiday with someone you care about.

Work has been busy. We've been finishing up as many follow-up visits with the kids in the research study before the holidays.

I've been looking into some recipes that I want to try. With all the holiday cooking programs that are out there.

I'll share some recipes one I try them. Ramperto has mentioned that I should do another photo set of somethign I make. So I might combine the two. Cooking and new photos.

Any good easy recipes that you are making for the holidays?
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The Chapstick Conspiracy

Cris has a theory about chapstick. Shopping tips from Jen. Mike decides which he'd rather be. Time's Person of the Year or People's Sexiest Man of the Year.

Leave us a comment. Like us? Give us some love. Hate us? Tell us as much. Leave a review on iTunes. We'd love to hear from you.
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So right now on my desk I have two plates of homemade cookies, a box of crayons, and a coloring book. I don't forsee much work getting accomplished today. Other than devouring a plate of cookies as I color.

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I know. I need to make a 'real' post. I will. But in the meanwhile...

Back when MTV still loved me.

What was yoru favorite part? The Kai's Powergoo'd faces the Barbie on the 'barbie'? The lizard-tongued sun-bather? Or my personal favorite... the little girl who forgot how to eat ice cream.

Yeah... I thought you'd like that.
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A few article of interest that I came across and thought I'd pass along.

New Jersey approves gay civil unions

Same-sex marriage foes sue lawmakers

Gay and Evangelical, Seeking Paths of Acceptance
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There is something about the combination of David Sedaris' Me Talk Pretty One Day, a six-pack of Hornsby's Hard Apple Cider, and Guster coming from the computer that makes me want to be the next famous humorist. I could do it you know...

This is all.
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Workin' Through The Pain"

Jen sings us a tune. Cris stalks a local 'celebrity'. Mike doesn't talk about why he's achy.

Remember you don't need an ipod to listen.
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The Cute Teacher and I made a day trip to KCMO this weekend. The weather was perfect for it. I was armed with my ipod of music and podcasts to entertain us, while he came prepared with some of his personal favorite and the Dreamgirls soundtrack on CDs. It's a musical cultural exchange. I'm being exposed to all sorts of musicals that I didn't know. Prior to this, my only musical experiences have been Grease, Rocky Horror, and Little Shop of Horrors. All of which are pretty mainstream when it comes to music.

Lonely In LoveIt was an easy trip. Though I had some navigational help. Which I'll get to shortly. Lloyd, hold your tongue...

The intent was to spend a nice afternoon wandering the shops of The Plaza in downtown Kansas City. And that we did. I spent less time trying to find a place to park than I had anticipated. Making our way to the actual area of The Plaza we came across a display of sculptures. They were cool in a cartoon kind of way. Yet the sans-faced big-shoed rainslicker-wearing kid was a little creepy.

The shopping was really pretty good. CT having some New York big city experience fought through the crowds expertly. I had only a little big city experience, but I managed ok. Because there were a LOT of people. Everyone and their mother was in The Plaza.

I'm amused by lights. I always have been. I was looking forward to seeing the buildings lit. They didn't disappoint. Unfortunately my cold and unsteady hand didn't allow for many photos to be taken. I didn't feel like carrying a tripod. Once our stomachs started to growl we tried to find a place to eat that didn't involve waiting for two hours. We were fortunate to find Baja 600 with a 50-minute wait (that ended up only being 30-minutes). We both had the house special, the Enchilada 600. The Plaza LightsYou gotta love a place that gives free chips and salsa to get you started. Who needs a paid appetizer? I'm always a big fan of sour cream, but what I fond I'm a new fan of on my mexican food is jalapeno cream cheese. Oh my God!! It made every bite of my enchilada better. Ask for it at your next Mexican dining experience.

Driving home I made the same fatal mistake that I made driving back from Chicago. I presumed I was familiar enough with the roads. If I got lost I could head in the general direction that I wanted to go that all would be good. This plan lasted all of about five block. Even getting out of The Plaza area was an issue. It took me a few minutes to get my bearings. Even then, I'm thankful I had a good navigator. Of course any credibility I had with claiming to be good with directions was lost. Anyone seeing a trend?

As I mentioned in a previous post, my visit to KC has put me in a 'big city' mood where I enjoy the crowds. I enjoy the hustle and bustle of big city life. There really is so much more energy in a larger place that I feed off of. It really energizes me in a way that I'm not sure I can explain to someone who has never felt the same thing.

We are already making plans for our next day trip or big city weekend. I can't wait.
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Bullet time...

-Today has been one of those rare days that I absolutely love cold weather. A nice foggy morning, misty rain, brisk temperatures that almost don't require a coat.

-December has been flying by. Virtually half way through the months and I have yet to finish my Christmas shopping and get Christmas cards sent out. I intend to do both.

-I'm annoyed by office workers who microwave their food, leaving it in there for 5-10 minutes after the timer has gone off. And then scoff because I removed their food so I could heat up my own food. Remain vigilant over your Lean Cuisine next time! I may or may not have spit in your food.

-I'm in a big city mood. Cute Teacher and I went to KC this weekend. I'll expound more on this in another post. Having been to Chicago a few times this summer and KC now... I'm really feeling in a big city mood. Maybe it's the whole cold weather Christmasy mood that has me feeling like I want a part as an extra in a movie where I stroll down a busy street smiling for seemingly no reason. Just happy and taking in the surroundings.

-My Jeep is annoying. I still love my Jeep. But it is persistent when it wants attention. If you don't buckle your seat belt (which I always do anyway) it lets you know with a "I'm A Winner" ding-ding-ding bell. It also alerts you to needing an oil change and fuel. All of which happened at the same time one day last week. It was almost too much to take. I can't find the Jeep Preferences tab yet, but I need to soon.... Or I could just do as the car asks.

A little randomness for your Monday.
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Because sometimes I'm a twelve year old boy...

I particiapted in a Secret Santa gift exchange at work. Three weeks. Three small gifts. My first gift was something that turned out to be way cooler than I initially thought. Nothing passes the time at school waiting for kids like making the 20 Questions game try and guess disgusting things.

Like Poopie?

Like "poop".
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I had odd sleeps last night. I was tired and easily fell asleep at first. A nature call woke me up around 3am this morning. As the case has been the last couple of days. Nothing too unusual. In the bathroom still a little startled by metal shining on my chest. Back in bed, I tried to go to sleep but I was hearing a noise of some sort.

It sounded like rustling and skittering. Papers shuffling. Why my mind jumped to a mouse I have no idea, but there it was. I was sure I had a mouse in my apartment. I convinced myself that it would be wiser to check and do something about it than to try and go back to sleep at this point and have the little bugger crawl in bed with me.

I went down stairs with the lights off so as not to startle him. I followed the sound to my computer in the corner. But it wasn't a mouse it was my speakers were picking up a 'sound' of some sort. They were making a noise of some sort. Has anyone seen Signs?

I think I liked the idea of a mouse better than what happened in Signs.

Back to bed, yet again... This time I feel asleep, only to be awoke again in an hour. This time I was sure that I heard pounding. Hammering. As if someone in a neighboring apartment was hanging something on the wall and they were pounding a nail into the wall. It didn't last for very long. The more I thought about (after I fully woke up) I don't know that it actually happened in real life or if it was in my dream. But I've had similar dreams like that over the years where I'm sure that I hear someone knocking.

This was similar, but 'different' in a way that seemed less like knocking and more like a pounding/thumping that actually shook me (all night long).

Hopefully tonight will be less of a weird noise-fest.
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I suppose I should've stated #86 differently. Because I did visit a tattoo parlor, but not for a tattoo.

Why you may ask? I got my nipples pierced.

Now... I've told a handful of people and I've had generally one of two reactions. "What?!" followed by "How much did it hurt?" or... "What the hell, why? You?!" Because let's face it. I'm about as white bread as it comes. I'm so white it hurts. My whiteness can be seen from space. Cosmonauts are like, "What the fuck is that glowing down there?"

So yeah, I did it. And no thanks to certain friends in Chicago who claimed it worse than other types of piercings. ;-) I have no intention of testing that theory.

I know that on the Ben & Jerry's scale pierced nipples are pretty vanilla these days. Yet, cut me some slack. This is Nebraska. Oh... and the whiteness.

Here's how it played out for those who care and aren't scoffing yet. If you don't care. Don't read.

My first intention was to take The Cute Teacher with me for moral support. Someone to hold my hand. I nixed that idea on the chance I chickened out. Can't be doing that in front of him. I parked across from the place, but ended up walking around the block first. Why? Chickening out? No... I really hadn't 'thought' about it all day leading up to it til I got out of the car. I took that walk to work up gumption.

Not really sure what I was in for time-wise I overplugged the meter. I headed for the door walked inside. After filling out a consent form he took me back to a room to have it done.

I always laugh at the casual small talk business people make in such situations and how willing I am to go along with it because of an awkward or odd situation. This would certainly fall into such a category.

I looked away as he prepared to pierce the first nip. One. Two. POKE! Three. "Hey that wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be." That's always the way I seem to have things happen. My imagination and build-up of something is typically WAY worse than... "OW! SHIT!?! Ok... that kind of hurt," as he poked the second one. I happened to be looking as he did it. Good thing he was standing off to the side because my leg kicked up slowly in a reflex motion. As he walked me back up front he hollered, "Another pair of skewered boobies done!" Nice...

I was in and out of there in a fraction of the time that I had on the parkign meter. I think adrenaline got me part of the way home. Though, when I got back into my Jeep I started laughing like a fool. I was shocked I actually did it.

The drive home was... an experience. Let me say that seatbelts are the work of the devil to nipples. Ouch! Plus the rubbing of my shirt was a bit.. intense. I looked like a fool driving home slightly hunched over to keep my shirt from rubbing. Seatbelt attached, but pulled away to prevent rubbing. By the time I got home I realized that I had the radio playing, but I couldn't tell you one song that played. My focus was on getting home. What I wouldn't have given for Cute Teacher to drive my man boobs home.

A warm shower and a couple tylenol later I was feeling fine.

Stupidly enough I decided that one drive wasn't enough. I ended up going out to eat with Jay. Which meant going back out in the cold and latching myself into a seatbelt again. The things I do for food.

I showed them off to Cute Teacher and was met with thumbs up approval. Which is a good thing. I did sleep with the sheet pulled down for most of the night. I only bumped myself once which immediately woke me up. Other than that... all is well in Nipple Land.
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It's our 10th Show!

We have a guest 'in studio' for the XXL episode. Jen reveals the secret of her Dad's worm. Mike flashes his badge for the Lingual Police. I ramble as usual. Stop by iTunes and give us a listen and review.

We make great pets.

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Today is my Grandfather's 86th birthday. The last couple of years have been an extreme rollercoaster ride when it comes to his health. Yet he is still here. Still kicking. Still snarky. Still telling inappropriate jokes to minors. Still the same old guy who would pop out his false teeth at Thanksgiving and freak out the younger kids in the family. A year ago, I wasn't sure if he was going to make to see another birthday, but here we are.

Not that he actually reads my blog, but it's the overall cosmic thought that counts.

Happy Birthday, Bud.
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How about a little old school 1950s propoganda for you?

"One never knows when a homosexual is about."

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I'm a 30-something student of human nature. A music-lovin', groove-shakin', laugh-inducin', dish-cookin', gossip-slingin', type of guy. This is my diary of sorts...

100 Things
How Well Do You Know Me?


Olbermann: Gay marriage is a question of love
Gay ex-governor says he's too poor for alimony
-Barack’s Gay Balance
Calif. Supreme Court rejects gay marriage ban
-Where the Bears don't fear to tread
ABBA Melody


"The Day I Helped Kill A Baby" - Joe.My.God.
"Summertime Blues" - Tomato Nation
"Mama Crazy" -
"Something I Will Never Forget" -
"OMG! It's a teenager." - Does This Mean...
"The God of Comedy Setup Lines" - Frolic & Detour
"Can't Handle The Tooth" - Hissyfit

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B6 d- t k+ s u-- f i o+ x e+ l+ c

GSS d- s: a C++ W++ PS+ tv++ b+ e++ h- r++ y+

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