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I had a lot in mind when I moved. I had figured that the costs of various things. I was prepared. What I wasn't prepared for was the start up fees. Transferring service is one thing. But there are some companies, I'm finding, are royal bitches when it comes to money.

My local ultity company sent me a bill on the 25th, which by my own doing, I didn't get till the 26th. Stating that on the 27th would be the last day they'd provide utilities to my apartment without a deposit. Ok... Um... What the fuck?

I've lived in Omaha for almost 9 years now. And even though some of those years were a roommate situation, I was still an account holder.

So I called Bev (if that is her real name) and questioned her about the need for a deposit. Bev (IFIHRN) stated that according to their ratings scale I was one point above what they allow for not having to pay a deposit. I questioned her on this scale and what it takes to get it lower. Paying your bill late hurts (obviously). Paying your bill on time is ok, but still not perfect in their eyes. You have to pay early. Early being the key... Which is 'nice', but not always acheviable.

Not only do I feel like I was bullied into paying on such short notice. But I'm also being penelized because I don't pay early. That's bullshit.

So... here is the kicker to all this. I asked what I can do to get that deposit back. She said I could have someone co-sign, which I'd rather not do. And if I did rather than sending me the money it si credited to my account. Which is 'handy', but not the money in hand that I was hoping for. The other kicker is... I can request the money back. In two years. In two flippin' years I can try and remember to call the utilities to request money that is mine to begin with.

It's times like this that make me want to live in the mountains and have a soalr-powered home. Bitches....
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Movies Movies Movies!!!

I'm still needing to write about The Devil Wears Prada. To it, I need write about the Pirates Of The Caribbean sequel and Clerks II.

Stay tuned!!
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Let me expound on my surroundings for a moment. I love Kentucky. More correctly I love certain eccentric things about Kentucky. On the way down here, shortly after leaving the St. Louis 101.1 The River listening area I found that the radio selections fell into one of three catergories. Talk Radio. Chrsitian Radio. Country. Which... if you know me... is like kryptonite to me. I exxagerate, but only for set up. This scenario was easily remedy by a couple phone calls and an firing up the iPod.

Along the way I encounted the scents of several mammals, including, but not limited to cow, pig, skunk, and the carcasses of many raccoon and opossums. The typical "Trust Jesus" graffitti that was usually found on every overpass between St. Louis and Louisville (not an exxageration) have been painted over. the construction that once held up traffic through the loneliest part of Southern Indiana is finally finished.

Around Louisville itself it is a different kind of... Well, let me just describe it to you. In the 30 miles from Louisville to my family's house, there are at least 9 titty bars, 3 adult book stores, and several miscellaneous looking XXX establishments that have no windows and the building is a 70s shade of soap-green.

Of those 9 jiggle joints, 6 of them have the same name. I would think this would be confusing for the patrons

Cletus: "I thought you were going to met me at the Thoroughbred?"
Harlan: "I was there."
Cletus: "Wait... which one were you at?"
Harlan: "I was at Thoroughbred VI."
Cletus: "Ooooh... I was at Thoroughbred II."

I guess the use of Roman numerals make it seem more high class.

Surrounding these places of gentlemanly entertainment are some of the greenest forests and amazing hills/mountains you've ever seen. Roads are cut right through these hills, exposing stratas of rocks that are countless years old. It really is beautiful.

A highway in any direction will take you to a National Forest or a set of caves that you can explore. It's an amazing countryside.

I'll just be lucky to leave here without an accent. It's EVERYWHERE!
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I suppose I should at least pretend to update this thing.

First of all... I got all moved in. I haven't unpacked a thing yet, because I'm on VACATION! YAY! Of course I pick the hottest week of the year to move my life in boxes. Then go for a leisurely 12-hour drive to semi-rural Kentucky. Good times, kids. Good times.

I can't show enough appreciation for all the help I had moving. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The couch I swore to set fire to rather than move made it's second to final move. The next move it makes will be a dumpster or an open lot where it can be doused in gasoline and set ablaze!

Having a couch that had recliners on each end seemed like a good idea at the time. It was a Christmas gift right after I'd first moved. How could I really say no? The mostrosity has followed me four times. I think even Old Yeller could see this one coming.

There are plenty of boxes waiting for me to unpack when I get back. Fun fun. Actually it won't be too bad. I sort of like starting out in a new place and being able to gay it up and make it my own.

In my free time at work (which is most of the damned time) I was doodling floor plans to where I wanted to put things in my new apartment. I'm a nerd like that. I've always been easily entertained by a piece of graph paper. When I was a little kid I'd 'measure' the house (with my little 8 year old feet) and then draw the rooms proportionally on graph paper. I know... You don't have to say it. I know...

So... YAY! Unpacking!

The trip to Kentucky was nice. It actually flew by really fast. Which surprised me. I left early enough that it was still a little light when I get here. This is a good thing because the semi-rural roads around here aren't well marked and I need the landmarks to guide me.

Did I mention it was one hundred and friggin' one degrees all the way down here? I typically drive with the windows down, because I love the feel of it. But between making sure my ipod didn't overheat and *I* didn't overheat I would roll up the windows and blast the air conditioner for a while.

I'm sure I've said it before, but my favorite part of the drive is the stretch of road between Kansas City and St. Louis. There are plenty of towns along the way to make the drive seem shorter. It's also full of rollings green hills that are just very scenic in a country-side sort of way.

It's just after noon and most are still asleep. I guess that is what happens when you stay up till 3am and you don't have to go to school. God I miss those days...

I'm sure I'll have more family stories soon.

Don't swelter too much. Stay inside!!!
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Well... I'm leaving. That's it. I'm packing this shit up and leaving. Only for a while.

I'll be on vacation this next week. So to any of you regular readers, you might not even have noticed had I not said anything. I know I've been lax in posting lately. Lately between finding a new apartment (which I'll bitch about later)... Packing to move and actually moving this weekend... Packing for vacation... It's been somewhat hectic as you can imagine.

Comments are still down. It's honestly the least of my priorities right now.

But, I'm not leaving you hanging too much. Here are a couple of entries to keep you busy for the next week.

* * * * *

So I mentioned that finding an apartment was a bitch. My apologies to all of you proud bitches out there who wear the title of Bitch with pride.

Apartments companies are worse than car dealers. I would rather go through the haggling of buying another car than having to deal with apartment hunting.

I never really learned my lesson. Each time I move I say it's my last till I decide I want a house. Which, then never happens because while someday I'll want one, the idea of the responsibility of a house is not my cup of tea right now.

It was recommended that I not make a hasty decision and take the first apartment I came across. Good idea. Advice well taken.

The first place I looked at, I'd actually looked at one other time. One bedroom loft apartment. Better square footage than most of the one bedrooms I'd looked at. I have to go to the main building to do laundry, but there are plenty of washers and dryers to use. It was on the Possible List.

Calling the apartments was the kicker. This was the general flow of 90% of the conversations.

ME: Do you have any one bedroom apartments available?
APARTMENT CHIPPY: When are you looking to move?
ME: As soon as I can. What do you have available?
AC: Well, we have a one bedroom with (insert square footage here) for (amount) here.
ME: Can I see it? I'm looking to move as soon as I can. When could I move?
AC: It's available now and you can see it anytime if you stop by.

So I stop by.

ME: This is nice.
AC: It'll be available in mid-August.
ME: I thought you said it was available now.
AC: This is just the model.
ME: ???


AC: We actually don't have that one bedroom available for (the price she mentioned onthe phone).


AC: There is a slight problem with the apartment, but we can have it fixed by the time you would move. An electrician accidentally drilled some holes in the ceiling.


ME: This is a good price.
AC: The apartment has great features and amenities. Though... there is a small... issue. There is a family of racoons living in the linen closet.

Ok, I might have made up that last one. It was a family of meerkats. Still... Issue.

The number of Apartment Chippies that would give me one descriptions on the phone and then a second, different description in person. Isn't that Bait & Switch? Isn't that crap illegal?

After a soid week of apartment visiting and hunting I ended up with the first one that looked at. The one bedroom loft. Hrm... I'm so glad I wasn't hasty.

Pictures? They'll have to wait till I get it furnished with my essence. After I get back from... vacation!!

See you in a week!
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Comments are temporarily down. Haloscan is being a prissy mistress. I've been wanting to switch to something else anyway. So now seems like the perfect time to do so.

If you can't live without leaving a comment (and I know you can't) you can still email me. There is a link at the end of every post as well as towards the top of the right hand column.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Whoa... Has it been that long since I made an actual post?! Holy shirt! Sorry faithful readers. This could turn out to be a bit rambling. Batten down those hatches.

I believe in a thing called blog.

My Fourth of July was good. I love fireworks. And as the 60+ photos on Flickr demonstrate, I took a lot of shots of them. I pared that down to 60 from all the really blurry ones that didn't make the cut. I at least was kind of to select out some of the betters on to put in a seperate set. But if you're feeling daring go for the whole set and find your favorite.

I watched The Devil Wears Prada, but I'll save that for a seperate port so as not to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

Along those same lines, everytime I rate and write about a movie I think of DB who once commented that I gave a lot of moives three stars. I started thinking that maybe I should better/re- define my ratings. If for no other reason that so I can express how much I did or did not like it.

While having lunch the other day I ran into a good friend who I hand't seen in almost two years. Now you may question how he can be such a good friend if I'd not seen him in two years. Well, that is what got me thinking. There with situations on both sides that contributed to a lapse in communication. Not blaming. Just saying.

I don't think this friend reads this blog, but just in case I'll keep him nameless. If he does read this, I hope he reads it with the sense of friendly concern that it is intended. I've been "Curious Cris" since the 2nd grade, so you know there is also some general curiosity going on as well.

I didn't recognize my friend. Literally. I wasn't expecting him to be working at the place I was having lunch at. I didn't expect him to look the way he did. I honestly don't know what I would've expected.

He came up (in work outfit) and tossed an excess of extra napkins on the table. I didn't look up from my food, thinking it was the less than stellar waiter finally fulfilling the request for some extra napkins that we asked for eons ago. I finally looked up when he started talking.

This is where I know I have no poker face. I'm sure my face went from WTF to confusion to awe to gawking in a matter of two seconds. He has lost at least 50 pounds. A couple more piercings. He was just as animated as ever. Not his usual color, but I attributed it to being unshaven and mixing with still pale skin. And bad restaurant lighting.

Either way, the point is I didn't recognize him. I know he had gone through some tough times with his old job and some personally stressful situations, but having not really spoken with him in almost two years, I had no idea how it might have affected him.

The more I think about it, the more I hope everything is ok. I've gone from being excited to see him again and get his phone number to worried and glad I have his phone number so that I can call and check on him to see if he's ok.

I'll have a new address and phone number coming soon. If I haven't already given it to you it's because of one of several very simply reasons. 1) I don't know it yet. 2) I haven't talked to you to give it to you. 3) I don't want you to have it.

:-P I'm sure it's not the third one. Anyway... you can email me. If I have it by then I'll let you know.

I've got some great new songs that I'm going to be raving about. But like the movie, I'll save it for it's own post.

More to come! I'm back! Be afraid...
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Here's a set or two of fireworks from the other night.

This first one are some of my favorites from the larger and more unrefined set.

Starting here you can see some photos I took before the big firey light show.

Who Goes There?
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Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Fourth of July!

Or for those of you outside the United States... Have a good Tuesday.

And The Rockets Red Glare
These are fireworks from last year. More to come tonight (hopefully).

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